Board Members

Board Members

The LAMVAC Board meets 7-8:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month.

President Darrell Hoff
Treasurer Amy Schroeder
Secretary Christie Heit
Vice President/Meet Director Hongjun Zhu
Service Coordinator Open

The service coordinator's job consists of the following tasks:

  • Sending emails to members and informing them of upcoming events that need help

  • Computing service hours after the events

  • Attending board meetings once a month

Without a service coordinator, no club functions or swim meets can take place.

The service coordinator is especially pivotal for LAMVAC-hosted meets. The coordinator works closely with the meet director to plan logistics; the coordinator is present at the pool the Friday afternoon before the meets, making sure donations are properly delivered and stored. And the coordinator is at the pool both days of the meet to make sure members are checked in and out and to fill last-minute job openings; to step in when members are late for their jobs.

Interested? Email a board member.

Membership Joan Chong
Marketing Coordinator:


Sue Jones

If you are interested in serving in a position that is open, please contact the president or any of the other Board members.

Other Useful Club Contacts

Membership Coordinator Open
Webmaster Gwynne Young