Meet Recaps

Holtrey Classic Recap

Wow what an incredible meet! USC swam lights out all-weekend. The age groupers again put on a show, posting lifetime best and finals swims all weekend long in the fastest meet of the summer. The big kids are posting lifetimes or in Season bests in every event and proving they are in fine form heading into the heart of the summer. Sunday night finals session was especially special; we had a big crew who who raced great and accomplished some incredible things, but more importantly it was FUN and we were a TEAM! The younger ones were goofing off which is a great sign at a meet (being loose, relaxed, and enjoying yourself is NOT mutually exclusive with fast, disciplined, performance). Everybody was up and cheering for the swims, aware of what their team mates were achieving and celebrating every success as a team, "pushing the rock" as Charlie would say, using every team success to fuel confidence and carry it into the next swim. And the performances were incredible. Time and time again, USC proves we can step up and perform under finals, RACE better than anyone, and we truly believe that stems from the team culture and dynamic we strive to cultivate, which includes the parents cheering loudly together for every USC swimmer in every swim. The maroon cheering section was very visible and present from on deck! USC also took 15th overall at this meet (of over 50+ clubs in attendance), despite not having any relays. I have not done the math, but I am confident our "points per capita" was among the best at the meet. 

I am skipping the usual meet awards because it is worth taking the time to highlight the many things we achieved as a TEAM. All weekend long we has individuals achieving things they never done before:
  • Alice Pesek: Qualified for Champs with her first ever NAG time with a 'B' time in the 10 & Under 50 Breastroke. That is pretty absurd for a 7 year old!
  • Zoe Pesek: Qualified for finals and placed top 10 in the 200 Breastroke, 200 IM, and 100 Free. Achieved her first ever 'AA' time in the 100 Free
  • Delaney Charlton: Qualified for Champs (first time ever!) with her first ever NAG 'BB' time in the 11-12 50 Backstroke
  • Maria Jones: Has been training more consistently than ever and as a result was 100% for Long Course lifetimes
  • Gracie Suponcic: Swam her first ever LCM 200 Fly and qualified for finals
  • Campbell Tierney: Nearly 100% for lifetimes (training as well as anyone), achieved her first non-freestyle 15-16 'A' time in the 100 Back
  • Owen Pesek: Event Champion in the B10&U 100 Back with a AAA time, achieved a new Zone cut in the 200 Free, tallied 6 top-10 finals swims
  • Caleb Ortman: 5 top-10 finals swims, added 'AA' times in the 100 Breast and 200 IM
  • Alex Pesek: 6 top 10 finals swims, achieved first 11-12 'AA' times in the 50 Fr, 100 Fr, 200 Fr, 200 Fly, 400 IM, took 2nd in 200 Fly with a time that was under the old meet record
  • Max Klug: Our time drop champion with multiple time drops of 10+s in 100's and 20+ s in 200's from last summer
  • Joris Boeman: Top-10 finals swim in the 100 Fly with an 'A' time on a day that saw him swim an AM SSL meet, PM Prelims, and Evening Finals
  • Andrius Kijauskas: Top-20 FInals swims in the 200 Free (LC lifetime and first 'AAA' time of the summer) and 200 Fly (LC in-season PB)
  • Prajwal Guruprasad: LC lifetimes and 'A' times in the 50 & 100 Free
  • Max Campbell: Right on LC lifetime with fastest ever take out in the 100 Fly in first Holtrey swim
The best part about all of this is WE ARE NOT DONE YET. Continue to train consistently, and tackle each challenge we give you with the believe that it will make you better. Continue to support each other and share these successes. Let's stay diligent the rest of the way, take it one practice, one swim at a time and continue to "Push the Rock". 
The link to the results can be found on the "Meets" tab of the Team Unify site. NAG times, IMX progress, and Champs qualifiers have been updated on the "Achievemnts" tab. 

CCS Age Group & Open Recap

USC Nation had another great meet at the CCS Age Group & Open! Age group simmers racked up some hardware and continued to open some eyes around the district. The big kids all stepped up for some challenging events this meet and really dug in. There is a lot or work still to be done this season, can't get complacent yet, but the signs we are seeing so far are fantastic. 
First, congrats to Eli Charlton, who swam in both his first ever USC meet and his first ever Long Course meet!!!
Swim of the Meet - Max Campbell, 100 Fly
Max dropped 3 seconds from his time a few weeks back at the Akron meet. The effort reflected both the technical changes Max is making and the hard work he is putting in. He was faster on the take out by being more disciplined with his stroke, resisting the urge to "spin", and staying long and powerful. He didn't go easier, he just stayed disciplined with his stroke. He was also faster on the back half, a result of both the more disciplined take out AND the tremendous work Max has put in since April. The formula for becoming a faster swimmer is simple. If you work harder, smarter, and more often than you've done in the past, you swim faster than you've ever done in the past. Max has done that more than anyone this spring, and the result was an early season lifetime in the 100 Fly. Congrats Max!

PS Season Opener Recap

The first meet of the year could not have gone any better for USC Nation! The 12 & unders swam lights out in the AM session. We were nearly 100% for Long Course lifetimes, and almost every swim was close to or better than converted short course lifetimes. We stepped up to each race with a great mindset, ready to challenge ourselves and go after a goal, there was no "caosting" through swims. Our 10 & Unders continued to impress, often swimming in heats with older swimmers without backing down (events were seeded with all ages together), and the 11-12's who recently moved to the advanced group made some big strides after upping their training game over the last month. As coach from another team noted to is, "it has not gone unnoticed how many heat winners USC has had this morning." The 13 & Overs were equally impressive in the PM. Like the younger kids, the older crew were continually moving up in heats, posting many lifetime long course bests, and setting a fantastic baseline to build from for the rest of the year, as we head into some of our hardest training over the next couple weeks. More importantly, we saw some awesome team mojo in both sessions. USC was their as a TEAM, chatting, joking bonding, dancing, goofing off, and supporting each others races. Staying disciplined in how we approach a meet and relaxing, having fun are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, they tend to go hand in hand! 

 Additionally there is a stigma about long course swimming that is is harder than short course swimming. While this isn't true (seriously, try long course!), we want to applaud those who overcame any trepidations they may have had and competed in their first long course meet. Congrats Carlie Sharpe, Joris Boeman, Sofia Barisic, and Tyler Carr! 

Swim of the Meet - Alex Pesek, 100 Free 

Alex gets this award because not only did he post a lifetime best and and 'A' time (1;07), but this this race Alex put together a LOT of the skills he has been working on for many months. He swam with a long, strong, powerful stroke and resisted the urge to "spin away" with short strokes (essential for long course success!). He used his dolphin kicks effectively off of both walls. He was disciplined on both of his breakouts (kept his head down, started the kick right away, powered through the first few strokes). All of these skills we have been talking about and working on in practice for quite awhile, but sometimes it takes awhile to forge a habit and put it all together in a race. Alex's perseverance paid off with his best 100 Freestyle ever, short course yards OR Long Course Meters. Nice job Alex! 

Meet Monster - Campbell Tierney 

As is often the case, Campbell took on a full schedule (5 events), the longest event of the meet (200 Free), swam multiple stroke disciplines (Free, Back, and of course Fly!), but more than that stepped up for each event with a great effort and great attitude, regardless how many events came before or would come after! Way to go Campbell!