Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

17th Annual “Bridge-to-Bridge” OWS

Eastern Zone OW Championship

and Middle Atlantic OW Championship

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Atlantic City, NJ


This plan is based on the viability of continuing the race in a manner not originally prescribed, and still be able to be held in a safe and reasonable fashion.

  • Communications:  Key Officials will have cell phones as backup to the city radios, although the city has backups to their city wide system.
  • Course adjustment:  The length of the events, especially the 5K can be shortened in the event some unexpected situation necessitates our doing so.  Some of those factors which would cause such adjustments:  Strong winds blowing buoys off course and a need to use human resources to contain them.  This would cause a depletion of water craft and volunteers.  Water temperature exceeding 31C° would require a reduction in the distance of the 5K.
  • Unexpected turn out of swimmers for any event can be minimized by running the women and male swimmers in separate events. 
  • The start/finish platform can be moved at any time between events. It is a free floating, self-contained unit.
  • Additional safety vessels can be secured through the Atlantic City Beach Patrol.
  • In extreme weather conditions, the on-site boat house is a two story facility that can provide shelter for everyone on site.