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1/12-14/18: MA Mid-Winter Classic EAST

   Middle Atlantic Mid-Winter Classic EAST 

Hosted by Blue Eagle Swimming and Parkland Swim Club

@ Parkland High School, Allentown PA 

January 12, 13, 14, 2018


​RESULTS:      TM File        PDF

​SURVEY:  Share your feedback with Middle Atlantic HERE


BLUE sincerely apologizes to the teams who were not listed on the optional [back of t-shirt] transfer for apparel on sale this past weekend.  These were the last two teams who submitted entries.  Thank you to the parents from one of these teams who brought your concerns to our attention.

BLUE was solely responsible for contracting with the vendor for apparel and merchandise. Therefore, in response, BLUE has arranged with A&H  Sporting Goods to add the two team names and to re-manufacture the template. Anyone who bought a shirt already can have it fixed/redone through A&H. Also, if a swimmer wanted a shirt but decided not to buy it because their team was not listed, they will now be able to get one from A&H directly.

BLUE will cover additional cost for shirts that need to be fixed/redone. Those families will incur no additional cost. For any new orders, families will just pay A&H the same cost that the shirts were sold on meet weekend.  

Congratulations to ALL the swimmers who competed this past weekend. We hope you enjoy your awards and display them proudly.

On behalf of BLUE, many thanks to the attending Coaches, Parents, Officials, Middle Atlantic, Parkland School District, PHS Swim & Dive Team Booster Club, and especially for our co-host Parkland Swim Club for making this weekend possible. 

Lisa  BLUE Meet Director



Just a reminder of today's schedule to share with your team.
THE PHS CAMPUS DOES NOT OPEN UNTIL 12N. We ALL enter at the same time including our volunteers, setup crew for concessions & hospitality, and officials
(We'll put the coffee on first.) 
Please allow Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, BLUE Volunteers to enter the building FIRST.
Swimmers- locker rooms will be crowded. Wear your suit under your clothes. change quickly and get on deck to your team seating area.
Coaches/Officials- if you are still wearing your wristband from last night, you can pass thru without showing photo/USA ID again.
COACHES-Pick up your Check-In Sheets asap, return by 12:30p so we can seed and print heat sheets.  
Warm up groups are same. Assignments HERE
Spectators, we'll do our best to speed you thru admissions table and upstairs to bleachers. It's cold outside, wait in your warm car until the above enter the bldg.
Again, EVERYONE for swim meet enters via the double metal doors (no one thru the glass doors as mandated by PHS).
thank you for your patience.
drive safely (LOL -beware of black ice)
IMPORTANT UPDATE 1-12-18  12n:    
Changes to Meet Timeline (due to Sat morning weather forecast) are as follows:
Friday- no change from what is listed in Meet Notes.            Timeline HERE
Saturday 1-13-18: 
Session 3: 9yr-11yr  Timed Finals.                                      Timeline HERE
  • W/U 12:15n  
  • Check-in Sheets due 12:30p  
  • Session Start 1:15pm. 
  • (session duration approx. 3:16hr)
  • estimated end 4:31pm
Session 2:  12y-14yr will be Scored/Awarded as Timed Finals.       Timeline HERE
  • W/U 4:45pm  
  • Check-In Sheets due 5pm
  • Session Start 6pm
  • (session duration approx. 2:53hr)
  • estimated end 8:53pm
Session 4:cancelled
Sunday 1-14-18:
Session 5:  12-14yr Prelims                                    Timeline HERE
  • W/U 7:45am 
  • Check-In Sheets due by 8am
  • Session start 9am
  • (session duration 3:15hr) 
  • estimated end 12:15pm
Session 6:  9-11yr Timed Finals                               Timeline HERE
  • W/U 12:30pm  
  • Check-In sheets by 12:45pm
  • Session start 1:30pm
  • (session duration 3:15hr)
  •  estimated end 4:45pm
Session 7:  Evening Finals                                                      Timeline HERE
                unchanged from Meet Announcement  (5pm W/U....)
  • Meet Notes : HERE   REVISED 1-12-18
  • Psych Sheet: HERE rev.1-11-18
  • Warm-up Assignments: HERE  ​revised 1-12-18.
    • There is a dedicated 400IM warmup mid-session 1
  • Coach & Official Check-In:  present Photo ID and USA ID & Credentials for deck access.  (create Deck Pass HERE).   (Officials OTS HERE)
  • Officials:  Click HERE for Sign-Up Genius. We appreciate your assistance.

Meet Mobile will be activated Thursday for Heat Sheets. Results @ no additional charge.

COOL  AWARDS !!!        

Bring some cold hard cash for the  nICEst APPARELsurprise Customize with your team name


Meet Announcement: HERE     No Q standards.  This is a Preliminary/Finals format meet. GREAT learning experience for A/BB/C swimmers alike

ENTRIES OPEN:  Nov. 1, 2017.  ​  CLOSE: no later than Dec 27, 2017

Email entries   

Address Payments to:
Blue Eagle Swim Team
1700 Sullivan Trail   #390
Easton,  PA    18040
​DO NOT MAIL to Middle Atlantic
or contact