Pre-Competitive UMLY Programs

The UMLY swim team program has three programs aimed at children who are not quite ready for the competitive teams. The pre-competitive programs at UMLY are intended to help prepare children for entry into the competitive program while helping to teach them skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

For children 4 years old and up. This twice a week class starts to prepare swimmers for their entry into the competitive program. Children should be able to swim 1/2 lap freestyle and 1/2 lap on back before enrolling in the program. Skills taught include freestyle and backstroke as well as basic diving in preparation for starts. As the class progresses, breastroke and butterfly may be introduced as well.
Monday/Wednesday 3:00-3:30pm

An entry-level pre-competitive program designed for younger swimmers (ages 4-7). An emphasis is placed on teaching the competitive strokes and preparing swimmers for the UMLY Swim Team experience. Prerequisite: Must have passed advanced swim lessons and be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke. Pretykes register in the program office each session. There is a limit of 10 swimmers per session.
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3:30-4pm

For ages 8 and under. Emphasis is on teaching the four competitive strokes in an enjoyable atmosphere. Three sessions per week are offered. Tyke swimmers practice with the Mini Team but do not participate in the UMLY swim team dual meets. They have the opportunity to participate in various mini meets and their season culminates in the annual UMLY mini meet in March. Tykes register in the program office each session.
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4 - 5pm