The Laws of Success

By Dick Hanulla

These laws of success are listed in random order. All are important contributors to success in swimming or in life.


A major success is the result of a series of small successes. Small things do count, and each can be a plus or a minus. Put small amounts into a bank on a regular basic, and you can make a big withdrawal one day in the future.


Remain tough and persistent. Train tirelessly and relentlessly. Compete and train consistently persistent. Don’t allow yourself to be worn down or compromised on any phase of your program.

3. Law of Basics

Learn first and train second. Master some techniques, then apply them in training. Training with technique faults makes them very difficult to correct. Keep coming back to basics.

4. Law of Accountability

No excuses. We all make choices. Your acceptance of the responsibility of your choices is essential.

5. Law of Planning

Planning is necessary to carry the vision throughout the season. As an athlete, plan to have a successful season and do the things necessary to be successful at all times. This will help out with the previous rule.

6. Law of Purpose

Goals give purpose, and purpose leads to commitment. Swimmers should be aware of purpose or in other words, why and how you act and train throughout the season.

7. Law of Expectation

Always have in mind what you expect from yourself. Be realistic but don’t ever sell yourself short. High expectations usually make for success as long as you are being honest with yourself.

8. Law of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is your best method of persuasion. Anything can be achieved with enthusiasm, and nothing can be achieved without it.

9. Law of Leadership

Someone has to make decisions, just as someone has to lead each lane in training. Leadership is invisible when it is working well. Leadership listens and is tough when necessary.

10. Law of Attitude

Attitude counts. The head and the heart have to be in it. Keep it positive. Talk to your teammates about winning the close races. Pride comes from getting to the wall first in the close races and in swim-offs.

11. Law of Belief and Confidence

Great swimmers expect to win. They breathe confidence. They believe in their program, their toughness, and perform accordingly.

12. Law of Communication

Swimmers must listen intently to their coaches. The knowledge of the coach is worthless unless it is communicated to the athletes. Sometimes repetition is necessary to remind swimmers of changes that are not always easy to feel. Be patient and always listen.

13. Law of Importance

You must believe that what you are doing is important. The "big time" is where you are now. You must have a feeling of a mission.

14. Law of Adversity

Some failure or adversity is necessary for significant success. Consider failure as

15. Law of WIT

This is a law of doing. Successful people do Whatever It Takes. This refers to the time, effort, methods, etc. - whatever it takes.

16. Low of Recognition

A win is a win. Recognize success when you achieve it. You don’t have to be first to be successful. You need to recognize your own good or great effort and your own improvement.

17. Law of Pain and Pleasure

We do things to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. Our ability to endure some pain to attain a particular pleasure is the essence of this law.

18. Law of Genius

The "genius" swimmer is the swimmer who can remain focused.

19. Law of Rewards

We all respond to rewards. Spontaneous, unexpected, and meaningful attention from fellow athletes is a great reward.

20. Law of the Process

You have to love the process of the journey that is on the way to the championship meet. The process is more important than the attainment in may respects.

21. Law of Patience

Let it happen. Just put all the parts of the puzzle together. The plan, the training, etc., and then let it happen. Don’t try to make it happen.

22. Law of Repetition

Never tire of repetition. Repetition is the mother of learning. Listen for an explanation, demonstration in a different way or always check to make sure the skill is being done correct. This follows the endless process of learning.

23. Law of Stretching

All of us have the power to stretch ourselves a bit more. Great teams are the result of ordinary people putting forth extra-ordinary effort.

These "laws" are pieces of the puzzle in the quest for success. You may want to add to these, but these provide a solid core and will enable coaches and swimmers to attain success.