Y of Central Maryland
Swim Team Evaluations - Ward

last updated 05.17.2019


Any swimmer that would like to join the YCM Blue Crabs Swim Team.


Each swimmer will be evaluated in all four strokes (Free, Back, Breast and Butterfly).  All 8 & unders will be evaluated in 25 yards and 9 & older will be tested in 50 yards.  A swimmer age is determined by the age they are on 12.1.18.  Their times in each swim will be averaged out and placed on a waitlist of swimmers matching their gender and age group from fastest to slowest.  i.e 9-10 girls or 13-14 boys


Monday, June 24th 6:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. through August 5th 

Tuesday, June 25th 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. though August 6th 


The main pool.  6 lanes, 25 yards with a 8 foot deep end.  2 Lanes will be used for testing.


For those of you that have not yet experienced evaluations at the Y or for another swim team please understand that roughly 80 swimmers are evaluated each year for 30-40 spots on the team.  Selections are based on performance.  Each year we have to tell several hard working and dedicated swimmers that we just can not fit them on the team, although we wish we could take every swimmer we can only manage a roster of roughly 120 swimmers a season at the Ward Family Center in Abingdon.  The number of available spots depends on the number of returning swimmers, which we will know by mid July and should be around 85.  If your swimmer is not selected by the end of August then your swimmer will remain on their respective wait list throughout the season.  In most cases we end up inviting several swimmers between Sept and Jan each season.  You could also be invited to join our Stroke and Turn program or Swim Lessons.
For more information, please contact Coach Jen at jenniferrobinson@ymaryland.org
Coach Jen