Group Descriptions


Senior II

The Senior II group consists of swimmers ages 13 & over that have a high skill level and commitment to swimming. Swimmers in this group should have USA- A times or better and compete regularly in meets. 80% practice attendance and meet participation is required, and explanations for missed practices are expected. Swimmers are expected to swim all sessions of meets as assigned by coaches. These swimmers’ primary extracurricular activity is swimming, and they seek the highest levels of performance and competition, as reflected in their attendance and team focus. Most communication in this group is between the coaches and the swimmers. Swimmers in this group are expected to make a full commitment to their swimming and have the opportunity to develop into regional and national-level swimmers. This is a full-time rather than a seasonal commitment.

Senior I

The Senior I group consists of swimmers 13 and older who wish to train and compete for the Stingrays, but who lack the necessary time standards or are not fully invested in swimming as their primary extracurricular activity. This group may provide a transition to the Elite group for some swimmers without the time standards for consideration, but its primary focus is to provide an opportunity to improve and compete locally and regionally in a team setting. There is no set attendance requirement for this group beyond the team expectations, but obviously those seeking to prepare for Senior II consideration will make a full commitment to their swimming.

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These swimmers are 12 and unders who have started to exhibit good swimming skills and are prepared to train for higher levels of competition. They spend their time equally between stroke technique and training skills and processes. An increasing level of commitment is expected to swim in this group. Four to five practices per week are expected, and meet participation is required, including multiple day meets. The focus of this group is to assist and counsel swimmers as they decide their performance and commitment levels approaching our older groups.


This group is for swimmers ages 12 and under, and the majority of time is spent working on refining stroke mechanics while developing training skills. These swimmers have started to exhibit good swimming skills and race strategies. Developmental swimmers swim four days a week for one hour each day. Attendance at meets is expected.


This group is for swimmers new to Club Swimming. It will consist of a mix of 10 and under swimmers, especially those new to swimming on a year-round team or who have not yet developed to the point of training regularly. Swimmers in this group must be able to perform all strokes legally. Conditioning and race strategies are developed through regular meet participation. Attention to detail, focus on instructions, and persistence in practice are big results in this group. 


General Guidelines for Practice Groups Promotions

The swimmer under consideration for promotion:

  1.  Consistently makes choices that demonstrate the willingness to make the commitment level expected of swimmers at the next level.
  2.  Meets attendance expectations for current group; demonstrates the ability to make attendance requirements for the next level.  Commits and qualifies for meets at the next level
  3.  Consistently trains above the level of the current practice group.
  4.  Demonstrates ability to train successfully on base intervals at the next practice level.
  5.  Has mastered stroke and skill expectations of current practice group.
  6. Demonstrate mastery of all four strokes (in the appropriate distance) in a meet setting.
  7.  Exhibits level of maturity and responsibility typical of swimmers at the next level.
  8.  Fits age and experience parameters of the next training level.
  9.  Has demonstrated potential to compete successfully at general competition level of the next group.