Virtual Dryland Program

Dolphins Doing Dryland Training Program


In an effort to help bring engagement back to our athletes and to unite our team, we are now offering the “Dolphins Doing Dryland" program. We want to bring back the team setting as well as the opportunity to work on strength and conditioning while we are outside of the water.


Given the current health and safety restrictions within the country, the State of Michigan, and in our own metro-Detroit area, connecting virtually has become the main method of safely communicating. This dryland program will be done 100% online through the platform called Zoom. We have been granted access through USA Swimming with tough security features that will allow our athletes to meet with their coaches in a password protected ‘classroom’.


Below are the highlights of this program:



  • Our goal is to bring our athletes together in a virtual setting to not only help condition them during this time outside of the pool, but to also provide enrichment through connecting with their teammates and coaches to discuss educational topics related to the sport.



  • We are opening this program up to all of our athletes. We will be dividing the kids by age into two groups: 12 & under, and 13 & older.



  • All of our athletes will have 60 minute sessions.



  • Please note the schedule is subject to change should a group become too large. This will be communicated to members.
  • Monday through Friday 6:00-7:00p


All of the workout sessions will be appropriate to the athlete’s development in and out of the water. Click here for an informational flyer.



Our goal is to connect our athletes with each other, with their coaches, and with the sport as best we can! Please reach out to Coach Kayla or any board member for more information.