Grades 9-12

PCC Senior Groups offer a wide array of skill, endurance and commitment levels so everyone can find a place with the team! 

The PCC COMPETITIVE DEVELOPMENT practices offer quality instruction and training without a major commitment. Check out our three current classes by clicking the link above! 

The VARSITY TEAM offers consistent training for experienced competitive swimmers.  Athletes swim in training groups based on their training speed and primary event focus. Each season (fall, winter, spring, summer) has it's own flavor as we work in and out of the high school and USA swimming championships. Share your goals with us so we can help you achieve them this year! 

  • Varsity team offers 4-7 practice options each week, including after school, before school, and weekends. 
  • Session by session flexibility (fall, winter, spring, summer). 
  • Optional USA Swimming competitions, based on your goals and training plan.
  • Train with swimmers your speed. Group minimum is 100's SCY free on 1:30. 

The NATIONAL PREP TEAM offers an annual outlook at the competitive swim season. Our staff will work closely with this group of dedicated athletes to help make meaningful progress towards their swimming goals. We would like to help you learn to manage being a student-athlete and learn to work optimally through your high school, short course and long course seasons. With great communication, planning and purposeful training, great things will happen!

  • Annual commitment for State, Sectional and Jr National level athletes. Long-term planning benefits you! 
  • 6-8 practices per week are expected; we're looking for student-athletes who can balance their schedule. 
  • Specifically targeted competition schedule to expand your perspective, based on training cycles and goals. 
  • Training at 1:20 per 100 SCY freestyle and faster is required, state qualifiers and up!

The NATIONAL TEAM provides and opportunity for our most dedicated and experienced athletes to work towards their goals while providing leadership and mentoring to future generations. Our Coaches will work with athletes to minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. Take your swimming to the next level. 

  • Annual commitment for Sectional & Jr National level swimmers. Long-term planning benefits you! 
  • 6-8 practices per week are expected; time-management skills are required. 
  • Targeted competition schedule to help you achieve your goals and expand your perspective. 
  • Training at 1:15 per 100 SCY freestyle and faster. Sectional qualifiers and up!