Other Swim Programs

There are many ways to swim with NSAC! 

Based on your schedule and training needs, we also offer maintenance, masters, and swim camp programs for specialized swim training.

Are you a high school or college swimmer that needs swim training off-season?  Check out our maintenance program.  Are you a new, young swimmer that would like exposure to competitive swimming?  Try our summer swim camps.  If you're an adult swimmer, check out our Masters group.  When you're available for competitive season swimming, check out our Training Groups for fall/winter short course season and summer long course season.

Maintenance Program (also referred to as High School Maintenance (HSM))

This program is for high school or college swimmers whose intent is to stay in shape and train off-season. The program is less rigorous and focused on maintaining fitness and skills.  It is offered during the fall, winter, spring, and summer seasons to eligible swimmers.  We currently offer 7 practice times a week during the fall, winter, and spring and 6 practice times during the summer.  Maintenance swimmers are not eligible to compete in meets.

Summer Swim Camps

Spend some quality time in the pool this summer at our summer swim camps for elementary and middle school students.  NSAC hosts swim camps throughout summer to teach young swimmers the basics of competitive swimming while having fun with games and drills! Check back in Spring 2020 for our summer swim camps offered in partnership with Mounds View Community Education.


Ready to try swimming at NSAC? 

Request an evaluation with a coach to get placed on our team! https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=mnnsac&_stabid_=194336