SCRIP Program
SCRIP Program
The Scrip program is a fundraising program that allows MAC to earn a percentage of sales from purchases that our members would be making anyway.  That's about as pain-free as a fundraiser can be!  If you use Scrip to purchase your groceries, MAC would receive 2% to 4% of your total grocery costs.  Other retailers return higher percentages to the nonprofit organization (5% - 15%).  There is Scrip available for virtually any kind of retailer, including restaurants, department stores, clothing retailers, home furnishings, etc.  You can see a complete list of retailers on the Scrip website:
To order Scrip, go to www.shopwithscrip.comand click on "Get Started."  Then choose "Register" and create your login information.  When you register, you will be prompted to enter the MAC Enrollment Code:  F9BE7BFF13666.
After your initial registration, you can simply log onto, select Monocacy Aquatic Club from your nonprofit menu, and shop.
Once you place your online order, put a check for the correct amount in the Scrip folder  in the file cabinet in the baby pool area.  The check must be received before the order will be processed.  Scrip orders are sent to Renee Hyrkas, who distributes them to MAC members. If you have any questions, please contact Renee at


It only takes a little advance planning to make purchases this way, and the cumulative benefit to MAC is huge!  Just think, if we all participate in this fundraiser, it might not be necessary to have any others!!!