Competition is a great measure of swimmer progress, as well as a training/development tool to hone skills. Team Foxjet schedules a variety of meets for all levels of age and ability. Consult with your coach if you questions about your swimmer's readiness for meets.

Entries for meets are conducted on this website. Click on Meets/Events to view the full scroll of meets.

To access information about the meet, click on the meet name to be directed to the Event Page for a particular meet. The information flyer, a printable PDF which describes time/place/eligibility, will be available on the page. It is recommended to print the flyer and keep it handy.

As the meet draws near, addtional information will be placed on the Event Page, such as session timelines, updated warm-up information, etc.  Note: once the meet entry deadline closes, meet fees are non-refundable.

The master meet schedule is also available under Meets/Events. Simply place your cursor over Meets/Events to get the drop-down options and select the season of your choice.