16-17 SC Member Agreement

USSC Membership Agreement ~ 2016-17 Short Course
(Updated 7/2016)


The Utica Shelby Swim Club (USSC) is proud to welcome you to our Club.  The purpose of this document is to ensure an understanding between Club members and the USSC Executive Board about member family requirements for participation in the Club.

For all families with Intermediate, Junior, Age Group and Senior swimmers, requirements for membership include:

1. Working as a Volunteer at our hosted meets. (See “Working Meets” below)

  • We will have at least 4 opportunities for families to fulfill their volunteer requirements: USSC Grab Bag Meet October 21-23, 2016; USSC Odd Age Meet January 6-8, 2017; USSC Hot Coco Meet February 3-5, 2017; and MCSA 12 & Under Championship Meet February 24-26, 2017.  Additional opportunities may become available during the course of the season.
  • Families will be required to work a minimum of 6 job slots during the Short Course Season.  Each family may work a maximum of 2 job slots per meet.  Exceptions include: Families with only High School Girls or only High School Boys will be required to work a minimum of 4 jobs slots during the Short Course Season; families who only have swimmers in the Novice group are not required to volunteer.

2. Completing Mandatory Fundraising.  Amount not raised by 2/15/17, will be debited to your bank account on 3/1/17.  (See “Mandatory Fundraising” below)

3. Paying all fees - both session dues and meet fees.  (See “Dues and Fees” below)

For families with ONLY Novice swimmers requirements for membership include:

1. Paying all fees - both session dues and meet fees. (See “Fee Schedule” and “Meet Entry Fees” below)


See below for details of membership requirements listed above


WORKING MEETS: USSC has a long tradition of hosting outstanding meets.  Hosting meets brings revenue into our Club, and helps offset the everyday cost of operating of our organization.  In order to host successful meets, we need each and every family to volunteer to work at these meets. (The only exceptions are families who only have Novice swimmers).  If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to contact USSC’s volunteer coordinator to make alternate arrangements, or find someone else to fill your job slot.  There is a per job slot fine of $75 for not working.  For the 2016-2017 Short Course Session, USSC plans to host the Grab Bag Meet (October, 2016), the Odd Age Meet (January, 2017),  the Hot Coco Meet (February, 2017), and the MCSA 12 and Under Championships (February, 2017).  Most parents choose to work during the same session that their swimmer swims.  In most cases, parents will be able to leave their work position to watch their swimmer swim during the course of the meet.  Parents, grandparents, swimmer siblings (over 14) or other adults may fulfill your family’s work requirement.  A jobs table will be posted after Meet Events and Ages have been assigned to each session. To access it, you will have to login to our website.  Some sessions and some jobs fill very quickly. Jobs are filled on a first come first served basis. 

MCSL meets: USSC participates in the Macomb County Swim League (MCSL).  MCSL meets are typically held on Friday nights (approximately 3-4 hours).  These meets are open to all of our BC swimmers.  New swimmers, along with all swimmers 12 years old and younger, are encouraged to participate.  USSC usually hosts two of these meets each year.  While there is no parent work requirement for these types of meets, we welcome parent volunteers.  We do need approximately 24 volunteers to run these meets.  Working MCSL Meets does not fulfill your invitational meet worker responsibilities.     

MANDATORY FUNDRAISING:  All families (except families with only Novice swimmers), have a fundraising requirement of $200.  This includes families with only High School swimmers.  Families with only Novice swimmers do not have a fundraising requirement, but we encourage you to support our Club by using our fundraising options.

We have many options for fundraising including Meet Sponsorship, SCRIP program, Kroger Community Rewards, Swim-A-Thon, and Meet Program/Website advertising.  Fundraising credits accumulated prior to February 15, 2017 will be credited toward the 2016-17 fundraising season.  Credits posted after the February 15th deadline will be credited toward the 2017-18 fundraising season.  Balances owed on fundraising after the February 15th deadline will be due on March 1, 2017, and will be debited from your bank account on file.  Please note that earnings for the Kroger shopping period of November 2016 - January 2017 will be credited in March 2017, which is too late to apply to the 2016-17 fundraising season.  Credits posted after February 15, 2017 will count toward the 2017-18 season.  If a family exceeds their fundraising goal for 2016-17 prior to February 15, 2017, the excess will NOT be carried over to the 2017-18 season.   Families joining USSC after December 15, 2016 are only responsible for $100 of fundraising during their initial Short Course season. (Note: This does not apply to high school girl swimmers.  All families of high school swimmers are responsible for raising $200).  Our Fundraising Chair keeps track of all fundraising credits.  Questions on balances or fundraising options should be sent to LeeAnne Gazzarato at



Monthly or Session Dues: Each swimmer’s practice group assignment determines their practice schedule and dues.  All dues and meet fees are paid through ACH electronic debit. Entry of your banking information into our website is a requirement of membership.  The 2016-17 Short Course Fees are detailed on the attachment titled “2016-2017 Short Course Fee Schedule”.  The Fee Schedule is considered a part of this Membership Agreement.


USA Swimming Registration:  Each swimmer must be registered through Michigan Swimming to be a member of USA Swimming.  The USA Swimming Fee is included in the USSC initial Registration Fee.  This provides the athlete with access to entry in all USA swimming meets, as well as deck insurance coverage for these meets and all practices.  Every swimmer must have a USA Swimming membership card to participate in any club sponsored event, including daily practices.

Meet Entry Fees:  Each swimmer is responsible for entry fees associated with individual events at invitational meets. When you commit your athlete to swim online, you are agreeing to pay all entry fees associated with the meet.  USSC is unable to refund or credit individual accounts after the team deadline for entries.  Entry fees will be invoiced to your online account following the team entry deadline, and debited on the 1st of the month from your bank account on file.  Our club pays for relays and for all MCSL Entry fees.  The entry fees for each meet can be found in the Meet Packets posted on our website at the time of commitment to the meet.

EQUIPMENTEach swimmer is responsible for purchasing their assigned equipment and bringing it to practice daily.  Several items will only need to be purchased once, others will need to be replaced as the swimmer grows and advances in groups.  Please refer to the equipment list, posted on our website, to see what your swimmer is required to have at practice.  Each swimmer will receive a team t-shirt before our October Grab Bag Meet (included in registration fee).

MEMBERSHIP TERMINATION NOTICE: Families who wish to terminate their membership during the season must notify the Club by emailing our Registrar at and Head Coach Erica Zuercher at in writing 30 days prior to terminating their membership with USSC.  Families terminating their membership will be responsible for all fees up until, and including, the month of departure.  This includes any dues falling during the 30 day notice period.  Families terminating before Dec. 15th will be responsible for 50% of the fundraising requirement.  (This does not include High School Boys.  All High School Boys are responsible for the full $200). Families terminating after Dec. 15th will be responsible for 100% of the fundraising requirement. Fines for unworked jobs, at USSC hosted meets during the season, will be billed at the time of termination.  Families who have prepaid for any part of the season will not receive a refund.