Equipment Needed

Equipment Needed for Practice

Each practice group will have specific requirements for practice gear.  Please see the practice group descriptions for a list of equipment needs.  Bronze swimmers start with an optional kick board, fins and a mesh equipment bag.  They are optional because they are not used every day in practice and SPA does have a supply of these items for their use.  However, swimmers may soon become frustrated trying to find the right size fins on the pool deck and may want their own gear. 

Where should I purchase the gear?   You can purchase these items online at websites like or 

Where do I find those short fins the kids are using?  Swimmers in the practice groups often use shorter fins which are less tiring than a full length fin.  However, fins are not sold that short.  Instead, swimmers purchase a full length set of fins and simply cut them off!  To determine how short to make your fins, ask your coach for assistance or just use a current set of SPA fins as a template. It’s not an exact science. 

Write your name on EVERYTHING!  All of your swimmers gear should be clearly marked with their name.  During practice, many of the swimmers will have the same fins, boards, etc.  and may accidentally walk out of practice with someone else’s gear.  Everything your swimmer brings to the pool, including a water bottle should be clearly marked with their name to help ensure it gets back home with them.  Some even like to draw fun designs on their equipment to help it stand out.