Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms for Swimmers


Locker Rooms are available for swimmers to shower and change after practice.  Boys use the locker room across from the coaches’ offices.  Girls may use the locker room across from the vending machines.   Neither locker room is locked, so they should always be accessible to SPA swimmers.  PLEASE REMIND YOUR SWIMMER TO KEEP THE LOCKER ROOMS CLEAN!  Using the locker rooms is a privilege, and if swimmers do not keep them clean they may loose access.

Swimmers should not leave their swim bags in the locker room during practice, but instead should leave their bag on the bleachers in the swim area.  Springfield Aquatics is not responsible for any items lost or stolen in the locker rooms.  Each season, swimmers leave many towels, suits, goggles and other gear in the locker room, bleachers and by the pool.  Please help your swimmer gather their gear after each practice.  SPA does not currently maintain a “lost and found”.  If you are missing an item, ask your coach.