Practices Per Week

How Many Practices Should my Swimmer Attend Each Week? 


Each age group includes recommendations for the number of times a swimmer should practice each week.  As a general guideline, swimmers starting in the Bronze practice group should attend 2-3 practices a week.  Just like in all sports, a swimmers conditioning and skill level will develop more quickly with more practice.  However, parents should also be careful to help the swimmer maintain a balance between swimming, school and other activities.  Swimming is a very demanding sport, and starting too fast can lead to a swimmer burning out. 

Swimmers are not required to notify their coach if they need to miss a regularly attended practice, and can attend all or some of the practices offered in a given week.  Some parents work with their swimmer to identify certain “regular” practices, with other “optional” additional practices each week.  This provides the swimmer with consistency from week to week, but also the option of adding additional practices.  If your swimmer will be missing multiple practices or their regular schedule changes, please notify their coach.