Parking and Drop-Off


Parking, Drop-Off, and Pick-Up

Free parking is available across the street from the pool next to the football field on Summit Ave.  Parents of SPA swimmers should not park in the lot directly next to the pool.  During basketball season, there will be days when the parking lots are blocked off for people attending the game.  On those days, parking is available at the far-east end of the parking lot or on Drury Lane.  Free parking is a privilege and parents should be careful to respect parking guidelines, especially during basketball season. 


Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up their swimmer by the sidewalk next to the pool on Summit St.  So swimmers don’t have to cross the street, it’s recommended that all drop-off’s be done on the West side of the street (going south).  Parents may stay in the pool or commuter lounge area during practice, or may pick up their swimmer after practice.  If parents are dropping off and picking up, please be at the pool at least 10 minutes before the end of practice.  Coaches cannot leave the pool area until all swimmers have been picked up.  After a long day of working and coaching, waiting for a late parent can be frustrating.  If your swimmer is dropped off, please make sure he/she has a cell-phone and a number where you can be reached.