Swim Apps/Charting

Swim Apps and Charting your Swimmers Times

On Deck Parent:  For those parents who have a smart phone or tablet, SPA highly recommends downloading the Team Unify "On-Deck Parent" app.  This free app will allow you to access many of the full website feature in a more compact format.  When logging in, use the same user name and password you use to log into the SPA website.  the Team Alias is mvssa.   At this time, only some of the items found in this app work for our swim team.

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Meet Mobile:  Increasingly, swim teams are utilizing the free MeetMobile swim app to allow parents and swimmers to follow the swim meet as it occurs.  Once the app is downloaded, you start by searching for the meet.  Make sure to type in the meet name exactly as it appears on the SPA website.  You can then view events, follow different swimmers, etc.  There will always be a slight lag  between the time your swimmer finishes a race and the time that event is finished and "closed" in MeetMobile.  This program even allows family and friends who are not attending the meet to still follow it!

Charting your Swimmers Times:  Some parents create elaborate spreadsheets to track a swimmers times in each race over time. Other parents don't track and record times at all.  How you track your swimmers progress is completely a personal choice.  However, please remember that placing too much emphasis on dropping times and making qualifying times can put a lot of stress on your swimmer and may affect their performance.  Swimmers should use their previous times as a reference for the upcoming race, but parents need to be careful not to spend too much time taking about "times".  

Other free and paid apps are also available in both Apple and Android app stores.  Please note:  Swim Log, while a great app is no longer being supported.  When age group motivational times were updated in 2013, the new times were not updated in this app.  Therefore, Swim Log is now a useless app.

All swimmer times can be found on the SPA website.  Go to "My Account", and then "My Meet Results".  Swimmers times can also be found on the USA Swimming website.