Summer Swim League

Summer Swim League vs. Long Course

Swimmers in the lower practice groups (bronze, silver and gold) may choose to swim in a summer recreational league.  The local summer league is NOT affiliated with USA swimming, and times achieved in these meets will not apply to your swimmers qualifying times.   Many SPA swimmers will participate in summer league while also practicing all summer with SPA.   Swimmers who chose not to practice with SPA in the summer because of summer swim league can drop out of SPA for the summer.  For more information, see our fees and payments website.

Summer League:  consists of local swim teams found at both public and private pools.  YMCA, Springfield Park Board, Nixa Park Board and many of the private pools have summer swim teams.  If you are looking for a summer league team to join, you can contact the board for more information.  While SPA does not participate in summer swim league, we do have information on the teams.  

SPA sponsors the summer swim league championship meet at the Drury pool.  SPA does not have a team in this meet, but many of the SPA swimmers who are also swimming in summer league will swim in this meet.  Whether or not your swimmer is participating in summer league, all families are required to work at the summer league championship meet.  

Some families feel summer league is a swimmers "reward" for working hard all year in club swimming.  Since summer league consists of swimmers who swim for club teams like SPA and many swimmers who only swim during the summer, club swimmers tend to do very well and bring home lots of ribbons.  Others feel club swimmers have an unfair advantage and should not be allowed to compete in summer league.  Over the years, there has been much debate over club swimmers participating in summer league, and the championship meet has been formatted in different ways in an attempt to give all swimmers an opportunity to experience success.  At this point, whether or not you participate in summer league is up to you.

Long Course Season:  SPA participates in summer Long Course season.  These USA Swimming sanctioned meets are very similar to the fall/spring short course season, but are swam in a 50 meter pool.  Some meets are held indoors, but others are held in outdoor pools.  Swimmers can swim in summer Long Course season and Summer Swim League, but that's a lot of meets!  Most swimmers will choose one or the other.  Once a swimmer is consistently making BB or better times, SPA encourages them to swim Summer Long Course.