Signing Up for Meets

Signing Up for a Swim Meet

For swimmers who are ready to participate in meets, here are some guidelines for signing up for your first swim meet.

  • Check the Meet Schedule on the SPA Website to review the meets that are offered throughout the season
  • Determine which meets you are interested in attending and email or call your coach with any questions about the meets you have chosen.  We attend several out of town meets and host local meets as well. 
  • To sign up for a swim meet, start by logging into your account on the SPA website.  Go to the Meets-Events pages, and then simply click on the “Edit Commitment” button next to the meet you want to attend.  If there is no button, registration for that meet has not yet begun.  This brings you to the meet page.  Select “yes, my swimmer will attend”.  You will then see a list of events.  Before selecting your events, click on the event limits link to see how many events your swimmer can enter each day.  Some meets require qualifying times, and others do not.  Check the event details for more information, or talk to your coach. 

Relays:  Swimmers do not sign up for relays.  In fact, they are not listed on the list of events during sign-up.  Instead, once the coaches know who will be attending the meet, they will sign up swimmers for relays.  SPA will often enter multiple relay teams (A, B, C, etc.) in each relay event, giving more swimmers the opportunity to be in a relay.  Coaches place swimmers on relay teams based on their best time in that stroke.  In meets with relays, swimming on a relay does not reduce the number of individual events your swimmer is allowed to enter, but does count toward the total number of events. 

How to choose which events to enter:  Swimmers are highly encouraged to talk to their coach before signing up for a meet.  The coach may want your swimmer to enter something they have not tried before, like a different stroke or a longer race.  Swimmers often shy away from longer races like the 500 free.  Once a swimmer is in SPA, it’s appropriate to talk with their coach about entering all different races.  Your swimmers coach will know what they are ready for.  If you and your swimmer don’t agree on which events to enter, one easy way to settle this dispute is to simply write in the comments section “coaches’ choice” and not select any events.   The coach will then select the races most appropriate for your swimmer.  Your coach will "confirm" your entries before the meet.  To check your entries, just log into the SPA website, go to that meet, and edit your commitment.  If your entries say "confirmed", you know the coach has approved your entries.

At a multiple-day meet, do you need to swim each day?  Some swim meets run over multiple days.  If you are unable to attend the entire meet, you can indicate in the comments section that you can only attend certain days.  You will then need to review the list of events carefully and only register for events on the day you can attend.  Make sure to put a note in the comments section reminding your coach that you will only be attending certain days.  Otherwise, your swimmer may be placed on relay teams on a day they cannot attend. 

Hotel Reservations for Out of Town Meets:  The SPA Board may recommend a hotel for the team based on the arrangements made by the host team.  However, swimmers are welcome to stay at any hotel they choose.   Swimmers do enjoy spending time at the hotel after the meet, so parents may want to consider where other swimmers are staying before booking a hotel.   If you aren’t sure where to stay, you can always count on the hotel recommended by SPA to be reasonably priced, have a good free breakfast and be close to the meet location.  However, if you are looking for a hotel based only on price, you may be able to find a cheaper room elsewhere.

More information About the Meet:   As the meet approaches you will receive information about the meet such as warm up times, directions to the pool, etc. Information for the meet including hotel (if applicable), warm ups, entry lists and results can be found in the Forms/Documents section of the Meet Page.

Meet Fees:  Meet fees will be posted to your SPA account after the meet.

As always, don't hesitate to contact your coach with any questions!  They will be happy to answer them.