Pool Site Procedures
Pool Site Procedures
Carolina Aquatic Team and its members are guests at every swimming pool we use for practice or swim meets.  We ask that parents discuss this with their swimmers to ensure we respect their property and members.  Members are to leave no trace of their time at facilities and try to leave them in better standing whenever possible.  Below are a few procedures that our pools have asked us to pass along to you.  Should these procedures change we will notify you via email and update this list.  If you have any questions please ask your coaches before or after practice. 
Hollow Rock Racquet and Swim Club
When arriving at Hollow Rock please use the back parking lot around the side of the lap pool (off of Kerley Rd).  Swimmers should enter the lap pool via the lap pool gate between the bath houses.  We are never to prop the gate open to the lap pool.  To help with entry, Carolina Aquatics has a lock box located on the bathhouse wall to the right of the gate.  The combination to the lock box is 2020, inside you will find a key fob.  Use the key fob to open the gate by swiping it over the white strip to the left of the gate, then return the key fob to the lock box before entering the pool area.  Carolina Aquatics swimmers and parents are not permitted anywhere else on the Hollow Rock property while swimmers are practicing.  Hollow Rock is a private member club, parents or siblings are not permitted to swim laps or use other facilities unless they are members of the club.   
Orange County SportsPlex
Swimmers and parents are to enter and exit the SportsPlex through the front doors.  No one is permitted to use the back door of the pool.  SportsPlex is a public facility, parents or siblings may use the facilities only after paying the daily fee at the front desk. 
 Duke University requires each swimmer using their facility to fill out a waiver (Click Here) to swim at their pools, please complete the waiver if you plan on swimming at Taishoff this year at any time.  Taishoff also offers an after hours parking pass to use some of their lots, to signup for this free parking pass click here.