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Gator Swim Club Finishes 2nd Overall at New England 12&U Age Group Championships

February 28th, 2016

The Gator team notched their 2nd consecutive top 3 finish at the Short Course 12&U New England Championships in White River Junction, VT this weekend. With over 70 competitive swim clubs from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island participating, this was an outstanding accomplishment for our club, which trains together under our coaches at Bentley University, and competes for the top standings against large clubs that combine multiple hub sites into a single team for end-of-season championships. Our swimmers posted a host of personal bests at this meet, and represented the Gator team with pride and enthusiasm.

10 Year old Caleb Maldari had an extraordinary championships, sweeping New England Championships for each of the 9 events he competed in, and playing a key role on our 10&U “A” relay team, which won two relay championships.  Caleb notched  multiple entries in the Gator Record books, further improving his own record in two events and rewriting 4 records that were established by Frank Han over 30 years ago.

New Gator Records
50 FLY Caleb Maldari  29.14
200 IM Caleb Maldari 2:24.81
100 Back Caleb Maldari 1:06.16  
100 IM Caleb Maldari 1:07.29  
50 Back Caleb Maldari 30.49
100 FLY Caleb Maldari 1:05.87

Individual Championships
Sophia Wright
•    9&U 100 Free: 1:05.478 
•    9&U 50 Free: 29.76  
Caleb Maldari
•    50 FLY 
•    200 IM 
•    100 Back  
•    100 IM   
•    50 Back 
•    100 FLY

Many of our young Gators had standout performances in reaching the all-around championship podium, including
Caleb Maldari: 1st place for 10 yr old Boys
Sophia Wright: 2nd place for 9 yr old Girls
Matvey Ivanov: 4th place for 11 yr old Boys
William Ayinon: 7th place for 12yr old Boys.
Caroline McCurdy: 9th place for 11 yr old Girls.

Gator Relay Power

Once again, Gator swimmers came to compete hard in the relay events, with many PRs being set and our swimmers gaining momentum as the meet went on. Congratulations to the following swimmers who notched New England Championship swims: Meredith Teague, Allison Ferrell, Dana Li, Ella Barry, Sophia Wright, Caleb Maldari, Matthew Wang, Michael Yang, Anthony Zhao

10&U 200 Free Relay

New England Champions: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 1:55.92, Meredith Teague, Allison Ferrell, Dana Li, and Ella Barry 

New England Champions: BGSC  'A' boys with a time of 1:57.16, Caleb Maldari, Matthew Wang, Michael Yang, and Anthony Zhao     

6th place: BGSC  'B' girls with a time of 2:02.87, Heidi Zhang, Alique Stepanian, Emily Kang, and Sophia Wright

10&U 400 Free relay

New England Champions: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 4:22.49, Sophia Wright, Dana Li, Meredith Teague, and Ella Barry
New England Champions: BGSC  'A' boys with a time of 4:18.79, Caleb Maldari, Matthew Wang, Michael Yang, and Anthony Zhao  

6th place; BGSC  'B' with a time of 4:34.96, Emily Kang, Allison Ferrell, Milla Vuolteenaho, and Alique Stepanian

10&U 200 Medley Relay

2nd Place: BGSC  'A' boys with a time of 2:11.74 Michael Yang, Caleb Maldari, Matthew Wang, Anthony Zhao     

3rd place: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 2:16.08, Dana Li, Meredith Teague, Allison Ferrell, and Ella Barry

6th Place: BGSC  'B' girls with a time of 2:22.29, Emily Kang, Milla Vuolteenaho, Alique Stepanian, and Sophia Wright  

12&U 200 Free relay

4th place: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 1:47.96, Caroline McCurdy, Audrey Ferrell, Kaede Moriyama, and Ava Wirtanen

4th place: BGSC  'A' girls  with a time of 1:44.99, Matvey Ivanov, Theo Bodet, Justin Clark, and William Ayinon
12th place: BGSC  'B' boys with a time of 1:52.86, Andy Wei, Gabriel Lee, Axel Fraud and Jack Butera    

12&U 400 Free Relay
4th Place:BGSC  'A' boys with a time of 3:52.63,Matvey Ivanov, Theo Bodet, Justin Clark and William Ayinon

11th Place: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 3:58.79, Ava Wirtanen, Audrey Ferrell, Kaede Moriyama, Caroline McCurdy

11th place: BGSC  'B' boys with a time of 4:10.67, Gabriel Lee, Jaden Bunt, Andy Wei and Jack Butera

12&U  200 medley Relay

4th Place: BGSC  'A' boys with a time of 1:58.47, Justin Clark, Andy Wei, William Ayinon, and Matvey Ivanov  

10th Place: BGSC  'B' boys with a time of 2:05.16, Axel Fraud, Jack Butera, Gabriel Lee and Theo Bodet  

12th place: BGSC  'A' girls with a time of 2:04.01, Audrey Ferrell, Kaede Moriyama, Caroline McCurdy, Ava Wirtanen   

Individual Event Highlights

Making Championship cuts is an accomplishment to be proud of. Scoring points at Age Group Championships is no easy feat, and each point is important to our team standings.  Here are the event-by-event Gator swims that earned our points, including times for championship finals heat swims.

Thursday, February 25th:

11 YO Boys (B) 1000 Free - 2nd place: Matvey Ivanov, 11:36.84

Friday, February 26th: 

11 YO B 400IM - 3rd: Matvey Ivanov  5:05.81
12 YO B 400IM - 6th: William Ayinon 4:54.97, 17th:  Justin Clark      
9&U Girls (G) 100 Free - 1st: Sophia Wright 1:05.47.  
10 YO G 100 Free - 10th: Ella Barry, 1:04.34, 11th: Meredith Teague, 19th: Dana Li.  10 YO B 100 Free - 13th: Michael Yang, 17th: Matthew Wang           
9&U B 50 FLY – 11th Milla Vuolteenaho, 12th Sophia Wright. 
10 YO G 50 FLY – 11th Alique Stepanian, 13th Dana Li, 17th Meredith Teague, 18th Ella Barry, 20th Allison Ferrell. 
10YO B 50 FLY – 1st Caleb Maldari   29.14, 11th Matthew Wang, 17th Alexander Zheng 
9&U G 200 IM – 7th Sophia Wright   2:55.44, 20th Grace Perkins. 
10 YO G 200 IM – 6th Dana Li 2:38.82, 19th Allison Ferrell. 
10 YO B 200 IM – 1st Caleb Maldari 2:25.24, 12th Matthew Wang, 15th Michael Yang 
11 YO G 200 BRST – 13th Kenzie Driscoll.  
12 YO G 200 BRST – 13th Hannah Perkins, 16th Kaede Moriyama.  
11 YO B 200 BRST – 9th Jack Butera  2:49.80, 19th Jaden Bunt             
11 YO G 50 Free – 2nd Caroline McCurdy  25.66, 6th Ava Wirtanen  26.95. 
11 YO B 50 Free – 8th Theo Bodet 27.26, 9th Axel Fraud 27.29, 17th Gabriel Lee 
11 YO G 100 FLY – 13th Caroline McCurdy, 15th Zoe Wolfe, ******32 Ava Wirtanen 
12 YO G 100 FLY – 17th Kaede Moriyama 
11 YO B 100 FLY – 3rd Matvey Ivanov 1:04.67,  10th Gabriel Lee  1:09.53, 16th  Theo Bodet 
12 YO B 100 FLY – 4th William Ayinon  1:02.38  
11 YO B 200 Back – 5th Gabriel Lee 2:24.97, 15th Jaden Bunt
12 YO B 200 Back – 4th Justin Clark 2:16.85 

Saturday, February 27th:

11 YO G 500 Free – 2nd Matvey Ivanov 5:39.06, 7th Gabriel Lee 5:48.81, 9th Theo Bodet 5:56.81, 17th Andy Wei, 19th Jaden Bunt 
9&U G 100 BRST – 7th Milla Vuolteenaho 1:33.21, 11th Grace Perkins 
10 YO G 100 BRST – 7th Allison Ferrell 1:24.03, 12th Meredith Teague, 14th Dana Li 
10 YO B 100 BRST – 1st Caleb Maldari 1:17.43, 13th Michael Yang, 16th Matthew Wang 
9&U G 50 Free – 1st Sophia Wright 29.76  
10 YO G 50 Free – 2nd Ella Barry 28.15, 13th Allison Ferrell, 18th Meredith Teague 
10 YO B 50 Free – 1st  Caleb Maldari 26.95, 15th Michael Yang 
9 &U G 100 BACK – 2nd  Sophia Wright 1:17.69 
10 YO G 100 Back – 12th Meredith Teague, 13th Dana Li, 15th Allison Ferrell, 16th Ella Barry, 18th Emily Kang 
10 YO B 50 Back – 1st Caleb Maldari 1:06.16, 6th Matthew Wang 1:13.27, 14th Michael Yang 
9 &U G 100 IM – 7th Sophia Wright 1:20.90, 18th Milla Vuolteenaho
10 YO G 100IM – 9th Allison Ferrell 1:14.03, 12th Dana Li, 19th Meredith Teague 
10 YO B 100 IM – 1st  Caleb Maldari 1:07.29, 11th Matthew Wang
11 YO G 200 FLY – 15th Zoe Wolfe 
11 YO B 200 FLY – 5th Matvey Ivanov 2:29.36  
12 YO B 200 FLY – 7th William Ayinon 2:24.82  
11 YO G 100 Free – 2nd Caroline McCurdy 56.40, 16th Ava Wirtanen 
11 YO B100 Free – 4th Matvey Ivanov 57.87, 7th Theo Bodet 59.53, 11th Axel Fraud
12 YO B 100 Free – 12th Justin Clark 
11 YO G 50 BRST – 2nd  Caroline McCurdy 33.57 
11 YO B 50 BRST – 2nd Andy Wei 34.50, 9th Jack Butera 36.86, 11th Axel Fraud
12 YO B 50 BRST – 3rd William Ayinon 31.64  
11 YO G 100 Back – 19th Ava Wirtanen           
11 YO B 100 Back – 6th Axel Fraud 1:07.40, 7th Gabriel Lee 1:07.82, 16th Jaden Bunt             
12 YO B 100 Back – 3rd Justin Clark 1:02.48  
11 YO G 200 IM – 3rd Caroline McCurdy 2:20.32  
11 YO B 200 IM – 10th Andy Wei 2:32.35, 11th Theo Bodet 
12 YO B 200 IM – 4th William Ayinon 2:19.68, 14th Justin Clark 

Sunday, Febuary 28th:

9&U G 50 Back – 4th Sophia Wright 36.03, 13th Ella Barry, 15th Dana Li                
10 YO B 50 Back – 1st Caleb Maldari 30.49, 5th Matthew Wang 33.58, 10th Michael Yang 34.34 
9 &U G 100 FLY – 3rd Sophia Wright 1:20.72, 10th Milla Vuolteenaho 1:23.87  
10 YO G 100 FLY – 6th Dana Li 1:13.35, 13th Meredith Teague, 20th Ella Barry 
10 YO B 100 FLY – 1st Caleb Maldari 1:05.87, 14th Matthew Wang, 19th Michael Yang
9 &U G 50 BRST – 11th  Grace Perkins           
10 YO G 50 BRST – 10th Allison Ferrell 39.39, 15th Meredith Teague, 20th Ella Barry 
10 YO G 50 BRST – 9th Michael Yang 39.95, 12th Matthew Wang           
9&U G 200 Free – 2nd Sophia Wright 2:25.32, 17th Grace Perkins 
10 YO G 200 Free – 8th Allison Ferrell 2:20.06, 12th Meredith Teague, 13th Dana Li 
10 YO B 200 Free – 1st Caleb Maldari 2:14.09, 9th Michael Yang 2:23.62  
11 YO G 200 Free – 6th Caroline McCurdy 2:04.14
11 YO B 200 Free – 3rd Matvey Ivanov 2:05.83, 7th Theo Bodet 2:08.79, 9th Andy Wei 2:13.81, 10th Gabriel Lee 2:13.87 
12 YO B 200 Free – 13th Justin Clark 2:05.49    
11 YO G 50 Back – 16th Ava Wirtanen 
11 YO B 50 Back – 5th Axel Fraud 30.98, 10th Gabriel Lee 32.80, 14th Jaden Bunt 
12 YO B 50 Back – 2nd  Justin Clark 29.01  
11 YO G 100 BRST – 3rd  Caroline McCurdy 1:14.40, 18th Kenzie Driscoll 

12 YO G 100 BRST – 16th Hannah Perkins, 18th Kaede Moriyama 
11 YO B 100 BRST – 4th Andy Wei 1:14.97, 7th Jack Butera 1:17.62   
12 YO B 100 BRST – 3rd  William Ayinon 1:10.04   
11 YO G 50 FLY – 5th Zoe Wolfe 29.42, 14th Ava Wirtanen 
11 YO B 50 FLY – 4th Matvey Ivanov 28.73, 10th Theo Bodet 30.62, 13th Axel Fraud, 19th Gabriel Lee 
12 YO B 50 FLY – 5th William Ayinon 28.32
11 YO G 100 IM – 2nd Caroline McCurdy 1:04.96  
12 YO G 100 IM – 18th Kaede Moriyama 
11 YO B 100 IM – 8th Theo Bodet 1:09.50, 10th Andy Wei 1:10.85, 12th Axel Fraud             
12 YO B 100 IM – 5th William Ayinon 1:04.22, 13th Justin Clark 

This was a fantastic finish to a fine season of swimming.   Lead Age Group Coaches Tom Avila, Wendy Brown and Ted Millett had the swimmers prepared and motivated to have fun and swim hard at the championships. Our team’s pride and sportsmanship was evident from start to finish.

Official times and placements for all swimmers can be found on the New England Swimming website.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers! Go Gator!


Bernal’s Gator Swim Club Tops New England Senior Championships

July 23rd, 2015

The Gator team climbed to the heights of New England swimming July 16-19th, winning the 2015 New England Senior championships held at Brown University.  Gator swimmers established a solid lead on the opening day of competition and never looked back, putting together a steady stream of individual and team relay podium finishes.  Bernal’s Gator secured first place in the final overall standings with 795 points. The Harvard University Swim team captured second place with 583 points, followed by Crimson Aquatics, Phoenix Swimming, Bluefish Swim Club and Shawmut Aquatic Club rounding out the top scoring New England teams.

The New England Senior championships are the culmination of the Long Course Meters (LCM) season.  Swimmers must attain qualification time standards for each event in which they are entered, making participation in the Senior championships an achievement to be proud of. The Gator team was able to win this championship through excellent representation and stellar performances from both open division and age group Gators.  Many of our three dozen participating swimmers were able to achieve personal record times in one or more of their events.

We are also extremely proud that two Bernal’s Gator swimmers notched qualification times for the 2016 U.S. Olympic team trials.  Jack Blyzinskyj’s winning time of 55.30 secs in the 100M Backstroke is nearly two seconds faster than the Olympic trials qualifying time of 57.19. Wyatt Ubellacker won the 50M Freestyle event with a time of 22.79 secs vs. the Olympic trials time of 23.29.

Coach Bernal commented, “Our performance at the Senior Championships is a testament to the system we have evolved over decades of successful competition.  In our younger age group programs, championship standings are less important than the emphasis we place on stroke technique and nurturing a love for swimming. Developing an appreciation of technique and enjoyment of the sport prepares our swimmers for the hard work and dedication that is required for results at the elite level.  We prioritize training this way to avoid injuries and burn-out in our younger swimmers, and as they grow they are both mentally and physically prepared to excel in competition. I can’t be more proud of how our swimmers have performed at this meet.”    

How We Won the Senior Championships, Day by Day:

Thursday, July 16th:

Elizabeth Shashkova, 8th place, 1500M Free

Matt Hrabchak, 1st place, 800M Free

Maddie Wallis, Julimar Avila, Astrid Swensen, Elizabeth Shashkova, 2nd place, 800 Free Relay

Aviva Munoz, Emilie Despres, Jess Gearan, Cathy Li, 14th place, 800 Free Relay

Matt Hrabchak, Julian Asuaje Solon, Harrison Haines, Jack Blyzinskyj, 2nd place, 800 Free Relay

Nikolai Syssoev, Greg Dematteo, Henry Gaissert, Daniel Alber, 4th place, 800 Free Relay

Friday, July 17th:

Julimar Avila: 15th place, 200 Free

Matt Hrabchak, 7th place, 200 Free

Harrison Haines, 8th place, 200 Free

John Prindle, 13th place, 100 Breast

Daniel Alber, 15th place, 100 Breast

Anna Schegoleva, 6th place, 100 Back

Astrid Swensen, 7th place, 100 Back

Maddie Wallis, 9th place, 100 Back

Jack Blyzinskyj, 1st place, 100 Back (Olympic trials qualifier!)

Greg Dematteo, 15th place, 100 Back

Julimar Avila, 15th place, 400 IM

Anna Schegoleva, Julimar Avila, Christine Rogers, Maddie Wallis, 1st place, 400 Free Relay

Jess Gearan, Astrid Swensen, Elizabeth Shashkova, Kylie Cronin, 12th place, 400 Free Relay

Wyatt Ubellacker, Matt Hrabchak, Harrison Haines, Jack Blyzinskyj, 1st place, 400 Free Relay

Jeremy Bogle, Nikolai Syssoev, Julian Asuaje Solon, Henry Gaissert, 2nd place, 400 Free Relay

Saturday, July 18th:

Astrid Swensen, 10th place, 200 Fly

Matt Shriner, 12th place, 200 Fly

Julimar Avila, 5th place, 100 Free

Maddie Wallis, 16th place, 100 Free

Wyatt Ubellacker, 1st place, 100 Free

Forest Crigler, 3rd place, 100 Free

Jack Blyzinskyj, 8th place, 100 Free

Nikolai Syssoev, 10th place, 100 Free

Elizabeth Shashkova, 16th place, 400 Free

Matt Hrabchak, 4th place, 400 Free

Harrison Haines, 9th place, 400 Free

Christine Rogers, Julimar Avila, Astrid Swensen, Maddie Wallis, 1st place, 400 Medley Relay

Jess Gearan, Cathy Li, Kylie Cronin, Emilie Despres, 12th place, 400 Medley Relay

Jack Blyzinskyj, Forest Crigler, Wyatt Ubellacker, Matt Hrabchak, 1st place, 400 Medley Relay

Harrison Haines, John Prindle, Henry Gaissert, Nikolai Syssoev, 4th place, 400 Medley Relay

Sunday, July 19th

Julimar Avila, 8th place, 100 Fly

Astrid Swensen, 10th place, 100 Fly

Cathy Li, 14th place, 100 Fly

Jack Blyzinskyj, 1st place, 100 Fly

Wyatt Ubellacker, 3rd place, 100 Fly

Astrid Swensen, 12th place, 200 Back

Harrison Haines, 8th place, 200 Back

Christine Rogers, 6th place, 50 Free

Julimar Avila, 9th place, 50 Free

Wyatt Ubellacker, 1st place, 50 Free (Olympic trials qualifier!)

Forest Crigler, 2nd place, 50 Free

Jack Blyzinskyj, 3rd place, 50 Free

Jeremy Bogle, 6th place, 50 Free

Nikolai Syssoev, 8th place, 50 Free

Henry Gaissert, 12th place, 50 Free

Alexander McCurdy, 11th place, 200 Breast

Congratulations, Gator swimmers! 


Bernal’s Gator Swim Club Captures 3rd Place Overall at New England 12&U Age Group Championships

March 8th, 2015

By any measure the Gator team performance at the 12&U New England Championships was spectacular, and bodes well for the future success of our storied program in developing young swimmers.  This season’s hard work, attention to detail, and camaraderie was on full display as our swimmers posted a host of personal records during the course of the meet, set numerous Bernal’s Gator records, consistently performed above their seed placements, and attracted a lot of positive comments for their enthusiastic support of each other and good sportsmanship.


Many of our young Gators had standout performances in reaching the championship podium, including


Caleb Maldari, overall NE high points champion for 9 year old boys. Caleb swept 1st place in his events, winning the 50 Yard Butterfly (FLY), 200 Individual Medley (IM), 100 Breaststroke (BR), 50 Freestyle (FR), 100 Backstroke (BK), 100 IM, 50 BK, 100 FLY and 200 FR.


Caroline McCurdy, runner-up overall for 10 year old girls.  Caroline notched NE championships in the 100 BR, 50 FR and 50 BR, 2nd place in the 100 FR, 200 IM, 100 IM, and 200 FR, and 3rd place in the 100 BK.


Matvey Ivanov, 3rd place overall, 10 year old boys. Matvey won the NE championship in the 500 FR, took 3rd place in the 200 IM, 100 FLY and 200 FR, 4th in the 100 FR, 50 FLY and 100 BK, 5th in the 100 IM, and 6th in the 50 FR.


Allison Ferrell, 4th place overall, 9 year old girls.  Allison finished runner up in the 50 FLY and 50 FR, 3rd in the 100 FR, 4th in the 200 IM and 100 IM, 5th in the 200 FR, 7th in the 500 FR, 100 BR, and 200 FR, and 8th in the 50 BR


Justin Clark, 6th place overall for 11 year old boys.  Justin swept the NE championships in 50 BK, 100 BK and 200 BK, while capturing 3rd in the 200 FR and 100 IM, 4th in the 50 FR, 5th in the 200 IM and 6th in the 100 FR.


Matthew Wang, 8th place overall for 9 year old boys, placing 4th in the 50 FLY, 50 FR and 100 IM, 7th in the 500 FR, 200 IM and 100 FLY, and 9th in the 50 BK.


Emily Pan, placing 7th in the 1650 FR, 8th in the 1000 FR, 9th in the 200 FR, 10th in the 400 IM and 500 FR, and scoring points in consolidation finals in several other events.  Emily raced 5350 yards during the competition, which is over 3 miles of swimming at race pace. Wow!


Ty Hoffman, 3rd place in 50 BR, 6th place in 200 BR, 7th place in 100 BR, and scoring points in consolidation finals in several other events.


Maddie Wambach, 6th place in 200 BR, 8th place in 100 IM, 9th place in 100 BR, and scoring points in consolidation finals in several other events.


Gracie Meisner, 7th place in 100 FLY, 9th place in 50 FR, and scoring points in consolidation finals in several other events.


Eliza Wallis, 5th place in 50 FR, 7th place in 100 FR, and scoring points in consolidation finals in several other events.


Also scoring individual points for the Gator team were Meredith Teague, TJ Flores, Gabriel Lee, Anthony Zhao, and Audrey Ferrell.


Gator Pride Unleashed


Nowhere did Gator pride shine more than in the team relay events. Without question, the team relays are the most exciting and loudest events of the New England Championships. 


The 12&U Gator quartet of Gracie Meisner, Emily Pan, Maddie Wambach, and Eliza Wallis rocked the meet by sweeping the team relays against New England’s top competition. The Gator Girls served early notice that they were bringing their “A” game with a flawless opening 4 x 100 Free Relay. All four girls set personal best times in recording the 3rd fastest age 12&U girls 400 Free Relay in the United States this year, and winning their first New England Championship relay together.  They came back on consecutive days to win the 200 Medley relay and 200 Free relay events, with all of their championship winning times also establishing new Gator records.


Making their own impressive statement, the 10&U Boys team of Caleb Maldari, Matvey Ivanov, Alexander Tang and Gabriel Lee won the New England Championship in the 200 Medley relay, and were runners up in the 200 Free Relay and 400 Free Relay events.  The boys etched new Gator records in each relay event.


The 10&U Girls relay team of Caroline McCurdy, Ava Wirtanen, Kenzie Driscoll and Allison Ferrell placed a strong 4th in the 200 Medley Relay.  In the 200 Free Relay, 8 year old Sophia Wright joined Caroline, Kenzie and Allison to place 7th.  Way to go, girls!


The 12&U Boys relay team of Ty Hoffman, Justin Clark, TJ Flores and Lucas Chang showed grit and determination in blowing away their seed times, coming in 5th in the 400 Free Relay, 4th in the 200 Medley Relay, and 5th in the 200 Free Relay.


Gator Records


Three individual and six relay team Gator records were established during the meet, which was a monumental result considering the rich history of the Gator club. 



  • 10&U, Caroline McCurdy: 50 Free - 27.30
  • 10&U, Matvey Ivanov: 500 Free - 5:47.29
  • 10&U Caleb Maldari: 50 Back - 31.19
  • Boys 10&U Relay team (Maldari, Lee, Ivanov, Tang): 200 Free Relay - 1:55.66;  400 Free Relay - 4:13.06, 200 Medley Relay - 2:10.77
  • Girls 12&U Relay team (Meisner, Pan, Wambach, Wallis) 200 Free Relay - 1:44.86, 400 Free Relay - 3:46.73, 200 Medley Relay - 1:56.95


The individual results, team accomplishments and new Gator records notwithstanding, it was an incredibly fun trip to Vermont by all accounts, and a great way for this group of swimmers to bring the short course season to a close.


Enough credit cannot be given to Coaches Tom Avila, Wendy Brown and Matt Jordan, who did an incredible job preparing our team to shine so brightly at the championships. More importantly, through countless hours of coaching, mentoring and encouragement, they have instilled a love of swimming and sportsmanship in our young athletes that was apparent throughout the entire 4 day meet.  We could not be more proud.


Congratulations to all of our swimmers!



Gator Road Trip to NYC for AGUA MLK Swim Meet

January 28th, 2015


More than 30 members of Bernal's Gator Swim Club competed in the AGUA MLK Meet in Manhattan, NY over Martin Luther King weekend. Gator swimmers had a fantastic time, and enjoyed the experience competing against elite NYC metro area clubs in the beautiful pool facilities at the Asphalt Green AquaCenter.


The trip began Friday afternoon, where the Gator swimmers met at Bentley University to travel to NYC as a team.  Coach Bernal, Coach Morgan and Coach Avila accompanied the team, along with a number of parent chaperones.  Friday night was spent getting settled into the Courtyard New York Manhattan and preparing for Saturday’s swims.


Highlights of Saturday’s meet included (any notable swims, either event wins or number of  PRs collectively set by the team).


On Saturday night, the team was able to explore the surroundings and enjoy NYC dining, including an outing to Carmine’s, a family style Italian restaurant in the upper eastside.


Sunday’s events brought more personal records and solid swims.


After the meet, the team kicked back and relaxed on the return trip.  The team arrived back at Bentley late Sunday evening, with lots of memories and stories.  Based upon the great experience, many swimmers expressed interested in having the team compete at this meet next year!