Lane Leaders

     A Denton ISD Aquatics Club Guest Speaker Series


"Leadership Through Action."


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 Purpose of Guest Speaker Series:

  There has been a common misconception of what it takes to become a role model. Too often, talented individuals are given the title as a role model, based solely on their ability to excel in their respected field. These individuals should be given recognition for their performance, but not handed the responsibility of a role model. Having the status of a role model, is a process in which one earns the right, and through their actions they have demonstrated the ability to model the responsibility.

 Denton ISD Aquatics Club (DAC) wanted to give their athletes access to role models that they can follow and learn from. Two to three times a year, DAC selects Lane Leaders to give presentations to their athletes and the surrounding communities.


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What is a Lane Leader?

 In swimming, one tradition is selecting a swimmer to be the Lane Leader. The Lane Leader goes first during a set or perhaps throughout the entire workout. The Lane Leader is selected to lead, not due to popularity or seniority, but  simply they are faster. Lane Leaders are chosen not to lead through their words, but rather due to their actions. Denton ISD Aquatics Club (DAC) continues this swimming tradition in their guest speaker series. DAC has chosen leaders who have demonstrated through their actions the ability to excel and inspire others. The lessons from these leaders will be archived as an open library for any individual who would be interested in what true leadership has to share.


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