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Orinda Aquatics Age Group All-Time Times (thru 9.1.2014)

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USA Swimming Times Search

The USA Swimming website provides easy access to a times data base for each USA swimmer in addition to providing event rankings and individual event rankings. Please make sure that when researching times, in order to effectively research, the specific name as registered with USA Swimming must be used.   Link to the USA Swimming Times Search page: USA swimming times database


Pacific Swimming Times Standards Page

For a complete of current Pacific Swimming Time Standards click here: Pacific Swimming Times Standard Page


Conversions Between Short Course and Long Course Times

Pacific Swimming no longer requires that entry times be converted between long course and short course. For meets that require that entry times be proved (such as JOs, Far Westerns, and certain meets in the senior program), meet entry time standards will be provided in both short course and long course, and you may enter a qualifying time achieved in either course.

However, it is important to note that Pacific's Rules and Regulations still specify that when you have achieved a specific class level (for example, B or A) in an event in one course, you are considered to be qualified at that same level in all courses. Accordingly, you must always enter a time which maintains the class for which you've qualified in an event.

For example, if you've achieved a short course A time in an event but have never swum the event or have never achieved at this level in the event long course, you must enter at least a minimum long course A time when you enter the event in a long course meet.