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Current Best Times through 11/25/14

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Best Times Thru Tuesday November 25, 2014.

We (the Bellevue Club coaching staff) hope all of you have discovered that our website has become increasingly useful and informative. We have appreciated your patience.

The posted times are times since January 1, 2000.

Not all the listed times were achieved in Sanctioned, Approved or Observed meets. Times from Midlakes Champs, Color meets, High School dual and district meets, for instance, have not been allowed for entry into all USA Swimming meets. We are hoping that in the future all Girls and Boys District meets will become Observed meets, which would enable swimmers to use those times for entry into all USA Swimming meets. Both the Girls’ and Boys’ State Champs are observed meets, therefore ’most’ times from those meets may be used for USA Swimming competition.

Senior swimmers must keep in mind that for times from high school to count, not only must the meet be ’observed’, but swimmers must also complete swims in compliance with USA swimming rules.

To maximize your opportunities to qualify for Championship meets, it is important to participate in our BCST meet schedule to assure that your times are valid for USA Swimming competition. Generally swim as many events as the meet allows.