College Athletes

The Hood River Valley Swim Team proudly recognizes our college athletes who have competed in college swimming over the past few years.   Education is the key to success, and we applaud these student athletes for their commitment to both school and sport.  

In 2019-2020 we will be able to watch swim in college:

Allie Burke at Pacific Lutheran University (sophomore)

Nadia Smith at Colorado School of Mines (junior)

Phillip Hecksel at Pacific Lutheran University (junior)

Recent Swimming Graduates:

Dhani Freeland - University of Idaho (in 2020)

Kylie Webb - Pacific Lutheran University

Erin Nelson - Linfield College (transfer to nursing school in AZ)

Mariah Rawding - Bowdoin College

Connor Webb - Seattle University

Scott Bergstrom - University of Denver

Danielle Miller - University of Redlands

Peter Debbaut Tufts University

Zed Debbaut, Tufts University 

Fatima Valle, Linfield College

Henry Burton - Williams College

Oliver Burton - Williams College

Amanda Birch - University of North Dakota

Kelsey Hale - Eureka College

Justine Rawding - Niagara University 

Justine at her last dual meet as a senior at Niagara University.  Go Purple Eagles!