Fueling a swimmer’s body adequately is not easy!  Read the following links to understand the importance of eating right and the importance of staying hydrated during exercise.  This is useful information for age group swimmers and masters swimmers.  The files are in pdf format, and links are from USA Swimming.

Keys to Hydration  explains how much you should be drinking, and the purpose of fluids during and after workout.

Food Guide Pyramid (newest version from the USDA) shows types of food in relation to others, and explains serving sizes, etc...

Protein, Carbs and Fats this handout explains the different food types and the benefit of each.

Fueling for Performance  Fuel for the day, not the race. 

Nutrition for Recovery  What your muscles need after working out for optimum recovery.

Here’s a few recipes from USA Swimming that provide nutritious ways to fuel your swimmer.

USA Swimming’s Nutrition Tracker  helps you evaluate your diet.  Just create an account, log in and go!   Did you know that the 10,000 kcal a day Micheal Phelps needs is not that uncommon?  Active, young, growing bodies need fuel - provide them with the best fuel possible and the athlete will thrive!


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