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To:                   Ohio Swimming Club Presidents, Registrars
From:             John Reynolds, General Chair
                        Erin Schwab, Membership/Registration Chair
                        Kim Morstadt, Outreach Chair
Re:                  Athlete Outreach Memberships Fee Waiver Request                      
                        (Economically Disadvantaged Youth Reduced Membership Fee)
In order to provide Swimming Memberships for economically disadvantaged youth, Ohio Swimming offers qualified athletes the opportunity to become members of the Organization for $5.00. This is a scholarship program for athletes whose families are currently in need of financial aid from their swim club to participate. The Ohio Swimming athlete “Outreach” membership (an annual reduced registration fee for USA Swimming membership), along with the athlete’s club giving a reduced monthly club fee, will aid the athlete financially to continue their swimming program. This reduced fee is offered by USA Swimming and Ohio Swimming, where we waive our fee for the qualified athlete. The total fee for this year round membership is $5.00 (Seasonal memberships are not available under this program).
A Membership Fee Waiver Form must be completed by the applicant, and submitted to the Outreach Chair along with proof of qualifying for the public school free/reduced lunch program, proof of reported family income (see Ohio Swimming website for chart) or any additional Outreach Qualification Considerations (see Ohio Swimming website for list of qualification considerations). The burden of proof lies with the applicant. 
In addition, the club team should provide financial assistance in the form of a scholarship or fee reduction to the athlete if the athlete is accepted as an Outreach member.
The Outreach Chair will review the application and determine eligibility for inclusion in the Outreach program. If accepted, the athlete will be eligible for additional needs such as swimsuits, equipment and possible travel expenses. If the application is not accepted, the individual may appeal to the General Chair of Ohio Swimming. The host club will be notified of the application’s rejection, and the applicant will be responsible for the balance of the membership fee.
While applicants are ultimately responsible, we would assume that the host club will be notified of the need by the athlete and/or the parents. The club then indicates those athletes who have been identified as Outreach eligible in the registration process and remits the $5.00 membership fee. This membership fee can be included in the registration packet sent to OSI along with the Transmittal of Funds form and a copy of the approved Waiver form indicating the inclusion of an outreach membership. In the HyTek or Team Unify e-file, the athlete must be entered as year round.
An Outreach (Economically Disadvantaged) Athlete Membership Fee Waiver form is attached.
Additional information is posted on the Ohio Swimming website ( 
Please contact Kim Morstadt (Outreach Chair) if you have any questions.
Email:          Phone: 513-545-7961

Outreach Athlete Membership Fee Waiver/Application
Applicant’s Name: ______________________________________Phone # ____________________
Address:                _________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth:          ________________________
Club Name:            ____________________________________ Club Code: ___________________
ð        I have submitted proof of Free/Reduced Lunch, reported family income or other Outreach Qualification for the above athlete(s) (please indicate below which proof you are providing).
ð        I have notified my host team that I am applying for Outreach membership.
I confirm that the above information is true and accurate.
___________________________________           ___________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                 Printed Name
Please mail this application to the Ohio Swimming Outreach Chair:
                   Kim Morstadt, 559 Larchmont Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45215
or email scanned signed waiver form to:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Office Use Only~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Date Application Received:           ___________________   Approved: ð Yes         ð No
Date Club Notified if not approved:          ___________________
Outreach Chair Signature