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We want to hear from you! Let us know about something new in your life or the life of a teammate. (It could be a marriage, child, new job, new adventure, or anything that you would like to share.)

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Posted September 8, 2010

My Name is Michael Rand and I swam for THSC under Rod Harmon and Gary Leach from 1974-1980. I actually was the person that carved the THSC in the hallway of the girls locker room at the 50 Meter Pool- right next to the floor drain when they were building the pool. The Walker Road sports complex was out in the boonies at that time!

We swam at Beaverton Pool and the summers at the Hillsboro outdoor pool. Gary Leach tried to kill us with 10,000 yard workouts. We used rubber tubing for resistance training. We all respected Mrs Penn, Mrs Livingston, and Peg Ogilbee. We remember when the club bought the first electronic touchpads. A lot of us became lifeguards for the Park District, and that had to be one of the best summer jobs ever. I now live in Frederick Maryland and have twins Roman and Zoe who turn 5 this year. They are already swimming and diving, and pretty much cause the YMCA lifeguards a great deal of stress! I hope to regain contact with some of the best friends I had growing up, on the THSC.

From: Michael Rand <>

Posted March 20, 2007

I swam under Gary Leach and Ben Davis from 1995 through 1998.  Went to
Sacramento State University and ended up on the rowing team for 4 years
(since they had no swim team!).  I joined the Air Force, spent four
years as a military police officer, and got out recently to become a
firefighter for the Austin Fire Dept.  I'm about to start swimming for a
masters team again, so I'm looking to break some of my old times (haha)
and maybe hear from some friends from the past.  Best way to reach me is
email  -
Pattie Shagam

'only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go'
~ ts eliot

Posted August 25, 2006
Hello, my name is Ryan Pachciarz and I swam for T-Hills from 1992-1996. I would love to hear from any old friends that I swam with. My email address is  For those who I swam with know that I went to the University of South Dakota to swim. I swam there for four years and had a wonderful time.
I graduated with a B.S. in Math and Psychology in 1999 and I also graduated with my M.A. in Exercise Science and Athletic Administration in 2001. My last two years at school I was the Assistant coach for the Swim team. My wife and I moved back to the great northwest in Seattle; Aug. 2006. I am currently working with Issaquah Swim Team as their Head Age Group Coach. I would definitely love to hear from anyone who swam for T-Hills when I was there. Talk to ya soon.

Ryan Pachciarz
Head Age Group Coach
Issaquah Swim Team
"A Tradition of Excellence"

Posted 12-15-05

Hello again to any & all former THSC teammates... I am still in Philadelphia, now mom to two girls: Lane (born Oct. 2003) and Annika (born Aug. 2001). I am home with them full time and enjoying nearly every minute. Lane just started pre-school (at the same school her big sister attends) and that has afforded me the opportunity to (gasp!) get back in the water a few times per week. It has felt great and I think that fourteen years off was just the break I needed.  Who knows if I'll ever actually compete again, but I always enjoyed the feel of the water and I was starting to miss it. I have also started taking classes in oil painting, and I am having fun with that as well. Husband Casey is in sales for a high-tech firm, and we all get back to Portland every August. I read Bryan's update about the possibility of a reunion, so if the ball ever gets rolling on that, I would be happy to help. All my best to my former teammates, friends & coaches, and if you ever want to drop me a line, my e-mail is now: . - Alexis (Brenner) Murray

Posted 6-30-05

Hello everyone from sunny San Diego. I moved to Oregon and started swimming for T-Hills back when Back to the Future (the original) was still in the theaters. After swimming age group for Gary Leach, and senior for Ben Davis, I swam 4 years of college and retired from swimming for several years, only to return to swim a 50 free on the Thunderbolt Team under Paul Bergen at the Halloween Meet one year. ("Inky" kindly pointed out that I didn't kick very much for a sprint 50). My wife and I moved to San Diego in '02 and have been here since. I saw Lisa Urban and Christie Wilson at our 10 year Sunset HS Reunion and they wanted to pull together THSC reunion. It might happen if enough can reconnect. Call me: 619-227-1188, or email:

Bryan Addleman

Hi my name is Michelle (Shelly Duyn) Madden. I swam for THSC from
1970-1978. I swam before THSC move to the new facility and was coached
by Rod Harman and Gary Leach. We used to swim at Beaverton High School.
I am currently living in Louisville, Kentucky and swim at the Mary T
Meagher pool, also referred to as the "Bubble".
My husband is a pilot for UPS (married in "91) and we have 2 girls age
8 and 10. I am a "stay at home mom" and currently training for a
Before moving to Louisville, I lived in Phoenix and worked for America
West Airlines.
I would love to hear from any of the swimmers. You can reach me by
email at  or
Shelly Duyn Madden

I am Kevin Tollefson and I swam for THSC from about 1978 through about 1984.  Since that time, I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelors degree (1985) where I swam all 4 years.  Since college, I have been with SBC Communications primarily in St. Louis, MO but have also spent time in Mexico City.  I also have earned 2 masters degrees, also from Washington University.

In 1991, I married a local gal named Ann.  She and I have adopted 3 children -- Mary, age 6 from China; Sophie, age 4 from India, and Peter, age 2 (almost 3) from Vietnam.  We are currently working on a fourth child, also from Vietnam.

I am actively swimming with local masters teams here in the St. Louis area and would love to hear from any of my friends from THSC.  By the way, I'll be in the area from 9/6 - 9/9/2001 for my high school 20 year reunion.  Feel free to write to me at or call me on my cell phone at (314) 852-7227!

Katie Wright, former swimmer at Tualatin Hills - and still on the record board - finished her senior year as Captain of the Florida State women's swim team. She is currently the Head Coach at Kamahamaha Swim Team in Honolulu, Hawaii. Katie would like to hear from her old friends at Tualatin Hills. Her e-mail is

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