MEET SELECTION SHEET 2014-15 (pdf)  (coming soon)


Swimmer of the Month

September Charlsie Reneski

October  Sam Marlow

November  Jordan Stout

December Tommy Lombardo

January  Tennyson Henry

February  Justin King

March Sam Marlow

April Conner Ripp

May  Alyssa Lemon

June  Justin King

July  Sam Marlow

August  Lily VanBiljon


Swimmer of the Meet

Fall Classic - October   Artie Hidalgo 

IMX Challenge- November  Grayson Ram

Minn Grand Prix - November  Jordan Stout / Sam Marlow

Ozark A Champs- November  Tommy Lombardo  Alyssa Lemon

Rec Plex December-  Artie Hidalgo

Junior Nationals Greensboro- 800 Free Relay Jordan, Charlsie, Sydney, Tennyson

Polar Dash - Justin King

Mizzou Invite - Jordan Stout  Justin King

Orlando Grand Prix - Sydney Zupan

​Sectionals - Sam Marlow Alyssa Lemon

NCSA - Jordan Stout  Tommy Lombardo

Carbondale LC - Conner Ripp

​Rec-Plex LC- Brenden Harris  Raquel Porporis

Zone Open Water -  Conner Ripp

Santa Clara Grand Prix-  Tennyson Henry and Jordan Stout

CSP LC-  Tommy Lombardo

Columbia LC- 

Sectionals -  Charlsie Reneski

USA Juniors Irvine- Phillip Willett

NCSA Juniors Indianapolis- Anna Miller,Alyssa Lemon, Sydney Zupan, Tennyson Henry, Jordan Stout  200, 400, 800 free relays

​May 12- We love swimming outside, sun, rain, wind, fresh air - all of it plus training long course with less turns.  Everyone is loving it - tarps and all.  The season will move by so fast.  Sectionals in nine weeks - Juniors in 11 weeks.  Before all that we will compete at RecPlex, Open Water in Kenosha, WI, CSP or Santa Clara Grand Prix, Columbia,MO and then back for Sectionals.  If you no longer have sectional cuts with the new times and rules you should consider competing in the Long Course Championships in Carbondale and get rooms now.

Welcome home to our college swimmers - Jerod will be running practice 6-730 am Monday - Friday and you are invited to attend Saturday with the National group.  I have made every attempt to get you in meets but if you missed the deadlines then you might want to swim in the walk-on meet in mid-July to have some idea of whether you have worked hard enough this off season.  I know most of you are just trying to maintain what you have, however the reason your season is strong is if you add something to build on- get your heart rate up if you get out of bed.  

Finish school year strong - take that day off to study if you need it - come back ready to work and not worried about your grades and projects.  Congratulations to our graduating Seniors and get ready to take on the world.

​April 7 - Long Course season has begun.  We should be in the outdoor pool on Monday April 14 which means practice starts at 4 pm.  I do know that is a tight schedule for some of you, just do your best to get here soon.  Dry land will be first and you can perhaps make that up on your own.  The short course season was fabulous.  Very Proud of our finish at Sectionals and with the team performance at NCSA Juniors.  Now we need to set our sights on Long Course.  You will have all the benefits of a Trainer, a team psychologist, a dedicated dry land coach and a coach who takes great pride in technique correction with Kyle, Jerod, Brad and Dan working at least one day this summer.

Summer meets are going in this week and next week - please check for your events to see if you are comfortable with the events selected.  The only meets not started is the CSC Meet and Sectionals.  Good Luck to Artie and Tommy in Cape next week.  Jordan and Tennyson are going to the Santa Clara Grand Prix the same weekend as CSP.  There will be plenty of coaches at CSP- this year you will need to swim finals if you make finals, as for some of you it is the only meet you are racing all summer before sectionals.

​February 19 - The year is flying by , Girls state this weekend, Sectionals up soon and then NCSA- BAM!! we will be in the long course pool.  Good luck to all of the swimmers in the upcoming competition.  We are on a roll right now with Ozark Records and team records, qualifying for Juniors and shooting for the Summer Junior times to head to Irvine.  

We have done very good work in the pool, have some work to do in the nutrition area and need to stay on track with the level of fitness that we expect.  Nothing of value is achieved easily.  Continue to set the bar high and reach for it every day.  We have some exciting days of competition ahead of us and as a team we will rise to the expectations.  

If you missed the sweatshirt order we have one of each size in both styles- you must text Coach Mary and first to do so will get the extra- $30 for hooded and $35 for zip front.

January 2

Holiday training was superb, we had college kids all over the place and a couple of days with National Prep visitors.  Good times had by all, special thanks to Jerod Simek for guest coaching the college kids.  100% attendance by six- Jordan, Tennyson, Charlsie, Justin, Sam, Tommy,  and with one absence Sydney, Alyssa.  We threw a lot at you including some stepped up dry land and managed close to 100,000 yards in 15 workouts.  Keep the focus on the process- 63 days till Sectionals!

The support of the adopted families by this group was phenomenal - thank you for making that project so successful.  

Thank you for the gifts to the coaching staff - always appreciated.

December 5

November was a monster month for National group swimmers - we had excellent performances in all the competitions we attended- Ozark records, Sectional cuts, NCSA and USA Junior cuts and RSCA team records.  It is a statement to the fact that hard work pays we are looking at another round of competition with the Rec-Plex Holiday meet and Junior Nationals in Greensboro,NC.  Our high school girls are two weeks into the season and looking at the beginning of the dual meet schedule.  

Jacob Alspaw, Mae Riordan and Charlsie Reneski are still looking at college programs and waiting to hear about admission status.  Now it is time for the Junior class to begin the process of selecting likely schools and getting their information to the coaching staff. Some of the best resources are the returning swimmers who can give you information on recruiting and the rigors of the season.  College sports are not for everyone but if you have this desire the sooner you begin the process the more likely to find the right match.

Our group finished second in total money raised for SWIM-A-THON, top in per $ average and we had 100% participation.  Thank you for always stepping up to the plate and setting a high standard for the other groups to emulate.  With our Holiday Family Adoption we have met the needs for our family member so those of you still wanting to participate can help Senior Prep and Silver who are not getting the best participation.

Grab the December and January training schedule from your mailbox. Yes we are doing only one practice on Dec 26 and it is 3.5 hours long.   If you are planning to go to the meet at Mizzou in January get rooms now.  It is not team travel, you can drive yourself and it is only friday night stay.  Please consider withdrawing from the Rec Plex January meet and attending RSCA Polar Dash and Mizzou Last chance as you January meets.

Keep up the good work and great attendance- all changes are sent by twitter - follow mlrsca - and you will know what is going on.  If Rockwood is canceled for weather- practice is canceled.  If it is a meet weekend- any changes will be tweeted out- always use good personal decision making regarding driving in the weather.



October 1

Continuing the recruiting process - Charlsie Reneski looked at Dartmouth, Mae at Georgia Southern, Sydney taking a trip to Missouri State, Jacob is interested in Case Western.

First meet of the season this weekend with all 200's, 400 IM and 500 free Saturday  and 1650 with 1000 split on Sunday.  Both days at Rockwood Summit-  morning session is girls and afternoon session is boys.  Please sign up for meets online, can almost always get you out of a meet and seldom can i get you into a meet.  Rooms for the IMX are available from Coach Harrison - rooms for Ozark A meet are available from Laura Heutel.

Attendance for September-

92% or better

tennyson                     artie                       tommy    

maddie                        franki                     sam

anna                            grayson                  jordan


We realize that college entrance exams and recruiting trips take a toll on practice attendance.  We appreciate the effort to make up with National Prep on Fridays when possible.


Equipment needs - fins, paddles Finis Palm positive and fingertip, pull bouy, snorkel, nose clip, kick board, bag- MARKED CLEARLY

We are getting ready to move indoors and there is always the chance of someone removing equipment from your bag- it is easier to get back if your name is on it.


SWIM-A-THON...stay on this fund raising activity.  Right now we are in first place but we are falling short of the group goal of 100% participation @ $75.00 per person which is above the national average.  Last year we set a pretty high standard for other groups to shoot for- we can have 100% again this year.  Already the two boys swimming high school have exceeded our group expectation - thanks Justin and Jacob.    Way to give back to the team and I challenge those of you who are with us everyday in the outdoor pool to raise as much as these two guys.  It is fun to do - not particularly,but we do enjoy the benefits our facility gives us so let's keep raising that total. 


KING and QUEEN of the Pool Test Set

Last Sunday we began a "King of the Pool" test set - if you were there you got a copy of the results.  SAM MARLOW is the reigning King and JORDAN STOUT will hold the title of Queen until next time in November.  The next time will depend on total number of seconds you improve.  If you do not have an initial set of times we will find a way to figure your results.


August 28

Recruiting cycle begins again - Mae Riordan and Sydney Zupan are heading out to check out potential collegiate programs.  National group athletes will enjoy there last long weekend with no practice..nothing on schedule for Sunday Sept 1 or Monday Sept 2.  Mornings will start up after the return from the USAS Convention of Coach Liston and athlete rep Artie Hidalgo.

Upcoming activities - 

Parent Meeting- youth Stroke Clinic Sunday September 9 at Lafayette High School 3 pm

Team Pictures and Blue-Gold Meet  September 21

SWIM-A-THON CHALLENGE to rest of the team- 100% participation and topping National average per person of $75.00