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Welcome Back

Please remember to follow @NPUpdates on Twitter to get all schedule updates.

NP Schedule Week of 2/12

Day Location Time
Monday EHS 5:30-7:30
Tuesday Summit 5:30-7:30
Wednesday MHS 5-7
Thursday LHS 6:15-8:15
Friday Summit 5:15-6:45
Saturday Summit 7-9am
Sunday MHS 11am-1pm

Be prepared for dryland Mondays and Thursdays.

I will update via Twitter if practice will be changing for any particular day.  Please email me if you have any questions. 


Swimmer of the Month

September-->  Mackenzie Swope

The swimmer of the month for September Mackenzie Swope. Mackenzie had a good summer, but has been training at a much higher level since the beginning of the season. Keep up the great work.  

October-->  McKinley Munk

The swimmer of the month for October is McKinley Munk. McKinley has been working very hard this year on trying to make A times to compete at A Champs. She pushes herself at practice and is working on being more aggressive there. Since joining us in March, she has made big improvements in her stroke technique and endurance. Keep up the good work. 

November-->  Garrett Luze

The swimmer of the month for November is Garrett Luze. Garrett swam 3 individuals at A Champs and came away with major drops in all 3 races. He dropped 2 seconds in the 50 Fr, 10 in the 200 Fr, and 7 in the 100 Br. A true testament to all the hard work he has been putting in. Keep up the good work Garrett. 

December-->  Caleb Terschak

The Swimmer of the Month for December is Caleb Terschak. Caleb has been putting in more intensity into his workouts, and his practices have been looking very good. It will be fun to see how he does at his Senior Champs meet. Keep up the hard work, it works.

January-->  Ryan Joehl

The swimmer of the month for January is Ryan Joehl. Ryan has been one of the most consistent swimmers in the group all year. He is always at practice and sets a great example for the rest of the group. Ryan made his first Sectional Cut in the 200 Back at Sr. Champs. Congrats and keep pushing forward. 



April--> ​




New Sectional Cuts This Year

Jack Riffel--> 200 IM, 400 IM, 100 Br

Emma Harris--> 200 Fr

Ben Brim--> 200 Br

Greg Dreisewerd--> 1650 Fr

Ryan Joehl--> 200 Bk

Sidney Durbin--> 200 Br, 500 Fr, 100 Br




Other Notes

We will be using Twitter again this year for practice updates and changes. This is the best way to change or cancel practice at the last minute and make sure that everyone knows about it. When you sign up properly for mobile notifications, you will get a text message sent to your phone with the updates. I will still send out emails for larger chunks of information, but I can do Twitter from my phone anywhere, I can only send the emails from a computer. Please logon to Twitter, create an account, and follow NPUpdates.

You can always get in touch with me by email at harrisonsean@prcommunityed.org. I check my email daily usually so you can expect a response within a day or so.  Or by phone at the office Mondays and Wednesdays from 11-4 at 636-891-6633.