National Prep


NP Handbook      NP Goal Sheet



NP Schedule Week of 12/15 

Monday            5:15-7:00    LHS

Tuesday           6:30-8:30    LHS

Wednesday      5:15-7:00    LHS

Thursday          5:15-7:00    LHS

Friday               5:30-7:00    Summit

Saturday          7:00-9:00am Summit


NP Holiday Break Schedule

Day Date Time Location
Monday 12/22 7-9am MHS
Tuesday 12/23 11am-1pm MHS
Wednesday 12/24 11am-1pm MHS
Thursday 12/25 OFF  
Friday 12/26 11am-1pm Summit
Saturday 12/27 Distance Meet 11am LHS
Monday 12/29 11am-1:30pm Summit
Tuesday 12/30





Wednesday 12/31 11am-1:30pm Summit
Thursday 1/1 OFF  
Friday 1/2 11am-1:30pm Summit
Saturday 1/3 7-9am Summit


I will update via Twitter if practice will be changing for any particular day.  Please email me if you have any questions. 



This year the National Prep group has a goal of $5500.  The group benefits from this money in a variety of ways.  This year we are looking to buy/fix some broken pace clocks that have seen years of use so far, as well as replace some other training equipment.  A portion of the money that the team collects is donated to the USA Swimming Foundation which provides grants for low income facilities to provide much needed swim lessons.  The money raised also helps the team provide travel opportunities for our swimmers.  Please consider making this fundraiser a priority.  This year I am offering the following incentives for the group:

a.100 % participation will earn the group Breakfast after Sat workout

b.Reach $5500 will earn pizza and ice cream

c. If we reach $5500, Sean will swim all 200 laps (5000 yards) of the Swim-A-Thon

d.Top 3 earners will receive a gift card

Swimmer of the Month

September--> Cate Behl

​October--> Katie Haefner 

November--> Jacob Hepper

Jacob is always a hard worker. Sometimes he works so hard that his body starts to shut down (lots of painful cramps). His attendance is excellent and he always pushes himself to the limits. Sometimes he needs some outside encouragement, but gets back on track. He had a great A Champs meet significantly improving his times and taking another step towards his goals. Keep it up. 


New Sectional Cuts This Year

Michael Murphy--> 200 Fr

Jared Dachroeden--> 200 Fr, 200 Bk

Lily Harrell--> 100 Bk, 200 Bk

Paige Daws--> 200 Br

Emily O'Connell--> 50 Fr

Sarah Pipes--> 200 Fr

LeiLani Mansy--> 50 Fr, 100 Fr

Joe Bell--> 500 Fr, 1000 Fr

Cameron Kratky--> 100 Bk, 200 Fly

Jack Dolan--> 50 Fr, 100 Fr, 100 Bk, 200 Bk, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 400 IM


Other Notes

We will be using Twitter again this year for practice updates and changes. This is the best way to change or cancel practice at the last minute and make sure that everyone knows about it. When you sign up properly, you will get a text message sent to your phone with the updates. I will still send out emails, but I can do Twitter from my phone anywhere, I can only send the emails from a computer. Please logon to Twitter, create an account, and follow NPUpdates.



You can always get in touch with me by email at I check my email a couple times a day usually so you can expect a response within a day or so.