Mini Blue

Mini Blue

Age: Ideally 5-10 years old

Practice Days: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, for 45 minutes

Description: This group is designed for elementary school aged children who are still learning the basics of the competitive strokes.  Emphasis will be put on building self-esteem, learning to practice in a group, and forming proper stroke technique habits.  Making new friends and having Fun are an important part of growing the child’s love of the sport.

  • This group is 90% technique and 10% endurance training.
  • Swimmers must be able to comfortably complete 1 length of the pool doing freestyle and backstroke.  Swimmers should also be able to perform a basic breaststroke and dolphin kick.

Swimmer Expectations: This group does not have a minimum attendance requirement, but swimmers should attend as often as possible.  Attending consistently is key to progressing.  Swim meets/competitions are not required in this group, but are encouraged once the swimmer has an understanding of the rules of the sport.

Equipment: Swimmers need to have a pair of Fins at practice each day. Recommended Fins

Practice Schedule