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On behalf of the Board of QuickSilver Swimming, (QSS) we want to welcome you as a member of our club. Wehope that your association with QSS will be pleasant and rewarding.
The following policies, procedures and processes are necessary to ensure the safety of our swimmers, parents and coaches, and to ensure a swimming environment that is conducive to high morale and the success of our swimmers.
It is important to communicate what QSS expects from its members and employees, and what you can expect from QSS. QSS success is due to all its members, coaches and volunteers. By working together as a team toward common goals, all of our swimmers can reach their individual goals also. These policies and procedures are meant to facilitate both the club and individual members goals.
QSS urges you to consult the Policies and Procedures Manual whenever you have a question. If the answer is not there, please feel free to ask the Head Coach, or QSS Board President.  Please understand that it is the responsibility of each Club Member and employee to read and understand this manual and to comply with all provisions in it.
The contents of this manual, including any policy, rule, or regulation contained herein apply to all Club Members and persons employed by QSS, whether or not they are on the club premises, or at swim meets, or otherwise engaged in club activities.
The following defined terms appear capitalized in the QSS Policies and Procedures Manual:

a. Coach:  a paid employee of QSS certified by U.S Swimming engaged in the teaching and coaching of swimming to Club Members.

b.  Club Member:  All swimmers and their parents who are in good standing with the club; QSS Club Members are more particularly defined as “Aquatic Members” and “Regular Members”, or “Supporting Member” in Article 4 of the QSS Bylaws.

 c.  Public Setting: in a situation open to public view or access; not in private.
d.   Electronic Devices:  a privately owned device that is used for audio, video, or text communication or any other type of computer or computer-like instrument. Electronic Devices may include but are not limited to:
  • Existing and emerging mobile communication systems, and smart technologies (cell phones, smart phones, walkie-talkie, pagers, etc.);
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) (Palm organizers, pocket PCs, etc.);
  • Handheld entertainment systems (video games, CD players, compact DVD players, MP3 players, iPods, Walkman devices, etc.) and any other convergent communication technologies that do any number of the previously mentioned functions;
  • Current or emerging wireless handheld technologies or portable information technology systems that can be used for word processing, wireless internet access, image capture/recording, sound recording and information transmitting/receiving storing.
e.  Social Media: Social media is any usage of Web 2.0 technologies and sites such as blogging, microblogging (twitter, plurk), photosharing (flickr, twitpic), video sharing (YouTube, Vimeo), lifecasting (blogtv, qik), networking (Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo), and other such emerging technologies. It includes email, blogs, networking sites, photo sharing, video sharing, microblogging, podcasts, as well as comments posted on the sites.
f. Physical Therapy: The treatment of physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities that are intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development.
Swimmer Buddy Policy: Swimmers must use a buddy system whenever talking with or being alone with a Coach, club employee, or club volunteer, in a non-public setting.  Using a “Buddy System” means that a swimmer brings another person, or “buddy” along in meeting with, interacting with, or traveling with a Coach, club employee or volunteer. The Swimmer Buddy Policy encompasses situations not only when swimmers are at the club; It is to be used at all times, and at all locations. [i.e. - no house visits, no car rides, no activities, etc. without using the Buddy System.]
Travel Policy: No swimmer under the age of 18 years old shall be allowed to travel to any meet alone with a coach or club volunteer; the swimmer Buddy System must be used, or the swimmer's parents must also attend.
No Gift Policy: Coaches shall not give individual swimmers gifts of any kind. Coaches may bestow awards for merit on an individual swimmer at a public ceremony. Coaches may give all swimmers on the team [or their group] gifts in a Public Setting.
Physical Therapy Policy:  Coaches shall not provide swimmers with massages or physical therapy in a non-public setting.  The club can provide a licensed therapist for team use when appropriate and approved by the QSS Board, or provide referrals for individual families to privately engage licensed therapists.
Electronic Devices Policy: Electronic Devices capable of capturing, transmitting, or storing images or recordings shall not be operated in restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, or other areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.Further, Electronic Devices shall not be used in a way that threatens, humiliates, harasses, or intimidates Club Members, Coaches, or visitors, or violates local, state, or federal law.
Social Media & Networking Policy: Where no policy or guideline exist, Club Members and Coaches should use their judgment and take the most prudent action possible. The absence of, or lack of explicit reference to a specific site does not limit the extent of the application of this Social Media and Networking Policy.
  • Information published on Club Member or Coaches blog(s) should comply with QSS’s Confidentiality and Proprietary Data policies, as well as USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct. This also applies to comments posted on social networking sites or other such forums.
  • Club Members and Coaches shall be respectful to QSS, Club Members, Coaches, and competitors, in all forms of Social Media communications.
  • Club Members/Coaches online presence reflects QSS. Be aware that Club Members/Coaches actions captured via images, posts, or comments can reflect that of QSS.
  • Honor the privacy rights of QSS Club Members and Coaches by seeking their permission before writing about or displaying QSS happenings that might be considered to be a breach of their privacy and confidentiality. Social Media shall not be used in a way that threatens, humiliates, harasses, or intimidates Club Members, Coaches, or visitors, or violates local, state or federal law.
  • QSS logos and trademarks may not be used without written QSS Board consent.
If you believe that one of the QSS Policies have been violated, please report such violation to a Coach or QSS Board member. QSS, or authorized consultants, will immediately undertake a thorough and objective investigation of the allegations.  Do not assume that QSS is aware of any problem.
If QSS determines that a policy violation has occurred, remedial action will be taken in accordance with the circumstances involved. Any Coach or employee determined by QSS to be responsible for a policy violation will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, or criminal prosecution. A Club Member determined by QSS to have violated a club policy will also be subject to remedial action, up to and including expulsion from QSS and criminal prosecution. A QSS representative will advise all parties concerned of the results of the investigation. QSS will not retaliate against any Coach, employee, or Club Member for filing a complaint and will not knowingly tolerate or permit retaliation by Coaches, employees or other Club Members.
QSS encourages all Club Members, Coaches and employees to report any incidents forbidden by these policies, immediately, so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved.  Board contact can be initiated in any manner including through the link on the QSS website, email, voicemail, in person, or through the Board communication box in the QSS pool office.