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Welcome to SCSC Masters Adult Swim Program.

​If you are interested in swimming for fitness, or are looking for instruction to help you swim better, please read this entire page.  This page explains everything you need to know about our Masters (Adult) Swim Program and joining information.

We do not take phone calls for the Adult Program. After you have read this Home Page and should you have an additional question 

please send an e-mail to:  


Start here to learn about our program, schedules and fee tabs are located at bottom of page or have direct links in the verbige.

Should you decide to join, please READ: Once you complete a Pre-Registration Record you are a member of the Club and can begin attending any Masters Session of your choice; there are no limits to days of the week, or time frames.  Masters hours are posted under Schedule Tab.

Your dues are processed on the 1st of each month until you advise us to cancel your membership, please advise 5 days prior to month end to allow us to process your request to quit.

To Quit the Masters Adult Program at anytime, all that is required is an e-mail to


Not familiar with Masters Swim Clubs?

What is a Master's Swimming Club?

"Masters" is a universal term used for Adult Swimming or more precisely a Master's Swim Club provides a place for Adult Swimmers to swim in an organized environment that usually includes time slots for folks to swim in a coached work out, or they can elect to swim during open hours in designated lap lanes.  All Masters must be 18 years or older for insurance reasons. 

Master's Swim Clubs are under the guidance and protection from United States Masters Swimming, (USMS).  SCSC is a member of USMS, and, all our swimmers must also join USMS for our liability protection.​ 

TO JOIN USMS now for 2018 season, please go to, and click on new or renew.  This is a yearly fee of $46.00 that covers the clubs liability insurance.

What is Santa Clara Swim Club (Masters)?

About Us - Our Schedule

Schedule by Work out type (click below) and Member Lap Swim or click on sub tab Schedule Under the Masters Tab for complete schedule information.

Santa Clara Swim Club Adult Swim Program is a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

* We offer coached workouts for adults aged 18 and over and is in season all year round program.

* SCSC Master's Club Membership has lanes for SCSC MASTERS' Member lap swim during most "work out time slots".

* Our program features 3 Workout Types : Beginner (Instructional Work Out), Intermediate (Base Work Out), and Advanced (Gold Elite).  

* Member Lap Swim lanes are usually available during all work out time slots except the lunchtime work outs.

* SCSC also offers Adult Lessons managed under the Learn To Swim Program for those with no prior swimming experience or are wanting group or private stroke lessons.

* It is important that you understand you are joining a club with monthly fees associated *


Want to Join SCSC MASTERS and Swim today?


How to Proceed

First, complete a Pre-registration record within this web site to join the SCSC Masters Program. (Please ignore volunteer hour and age group "agree" selections but do check each box off, they do not matter for Masters Swimmers except for (1) your agreement to liability issue).

First Month charges are billed at Pre-Registration time but your data record is still in our Pre-Registration Database and you will not have official access to your data until we manage your record.   Movement of your Pre-registration record into our Official Roster usually occurs within a few days.  However, once you've completed a Pre-Registration record, you can show up to any Master's Time Slot.  Tell the coach on deck you are new and pre-registered.  



If you have not also joined USMS yet, you can ask the coach for a one month waiver from USMS that covers your insurance liability.  After one month, and you wish to continue swimming with SCSC Masters, you must officially join USMS.  Go to to Join United States Masters Swimming; $54/year, covers your liability.   

Your pre-registration record will be moved into our database within 3-5 days after you've entered your data.  

Your Dues billing will be the 1st of each month until you advise us by email to cancel your subscription.  

We use a monthly schedule, thus, your first month is the month you start within the first 20 days of the month. Those starting on the 21st of a month, their first month would be the following month.  

Competitive Team Parent Fee: The Team Parent Fee Rate of $25.00 is adjusted after billing by refund. 


To quit or program at anytime, please forward an email to Coach Gary at  

(Cancel membership policy: please inform us at least 5 days prior to month end to allow for processing time needed to cancel your membership, otherwise, requests at the end of the month may not get processed and you would be charged one more month)



* Masters swimmers come and go within a work out, we realize you all have schedules, there is no requirement to make every yard, nor every stroke.  Join a Work Out or You can elect do your laps at your convenience. Many wander in late, many leave early. yes



1. Must be Registered with USMS for the current year - if you are not registered with USMS we cannot allow you to swim for insurance reasons.

2. Must pay a fee for swimming by either Monthly/Yearly Registration directly with the SC Swim Club, or PAY the DROP IN FEE of $10.00 per swim.

3. Proper Lane Etiquette is a must in the pool.

4. Only swim during Masters Hours; if you are uncertain, ask the front desk, or look for someone in a red sweatshirt or red t-shirt labeled "Safety Coordinator". and they will advise if it is okay to proceed without a coach on deck. If no coach, please wait, or ask the coordinator.

We reserve the right to refuse access to the facility if these rules are not followed.








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If you have further questions in learning more about the program and/or signing up please contact:
Adult Fitness Manager:  Gary Mitchell