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Welcome to Santa Clara Swim Club's Masters Swimming Program - A Year Long Program featuring work outs and lap swim for Members seeking Adult Fitness through swimming. 


Click here for a brief overview of our SCSC Masters' (Adult Fitness) Program.  What is a Masters Club? 


 Type of Work Outs Offered.    

* Our program features 3 Workout Types : Beginner (Instructional Work Out), Intermediate (Base Work Out), and Advanced (Gold Elite).  

 Membership Lap Swim Available. 

* The Masters' SCSC Club Membership has lap lanes for Member Lap Swim during most work out time slots.


 What is Required to Join the SCSC Masters’ Program?

        Join USMS Now.    

        Join Santa Clara Swim Club’s Masters’ Program Now.


 How to Stop or Suspend Your Membership after Joining.


 Current Schedule. Masters’ Hours of Operation.     

 Emergency Closures Notices and Closed Dates.


 What to Expect and Bring Your First Visit. Your Comfort Level.


Membership Dues: 


 Non Member  - Our Drop in Policy – Fee is $10/swim.


 Basic Rules to Always Follow while at the SC Swim Club and Facilities.


 View Our Membership Policy.         


 Billing is Automatic 1st of each Month. How to Stop Automatic Payments.

* To stop payments (quit) with the Masters Program please send an e-mail prior to the 25th of the month you want to stop swimming/payments.

 Contact Information. 

* We do not take phone calls for the Masters Program - please read all tabs, if you have further questions, then send e-mail to