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Practice Schedule- Starts September 24th.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:15- 5:15 PM
Wednesday and Friday 3:30- 5:30 PM
Monday and Thursday 5:30-6:45 AM
Saturday 6:00- 8:00 AM
Mornings Monday (sophomores, juniors, seniors) and Thursday (juniors and seniors)
Dryland Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
Important Dates
September 22nd- SCSC Intrasquad Meet
September 29th- Alcatraz Open Water Swim (not an SCSC function- this is an optional opportunity for those who enjoy Open Water races)
October 20th- Super League Meet
November 9-11- Senior Circuit- TERA 
December 5-8- Junior Nationals
December 7-9- Senior II T/F Meet- Walnut Creek
January 26-27- SCSC Senior Meet (Everyone swims the 1000 on January 27th!)
February 9-10- DART Super League P/F Meet
*Note- the 2018-2019 Pro Series schedule and time standards will be released during the USA Swimming Convention. We will have an updated meet schedule after the USA Swimming Convention.
Monthly Dues: $225.00/mo

Swimmers in High Performance simply don't miss practice. Swimmers are successful in balancing a high school academic workload with swimming in preparation for a successful balance of academics and swimming in college. When swimmers do have to miss a workout, they are expected to make up the missed practice.

Swimmers range from Futures level to Olympic Trials

Swimmers in this group are focused on competing at the National and International level and display the commitment necessary for reaching this level

Comfortable making freestyle sets on 1:10 base, IM sets on 1:20 base, and kick sets on 1:35 base

Has mastered balancing a high level academic workload with elite level athlete requirements

Has made SCSC swimming the highest priority extracurricular activity


Swimmers of the Month- Coming soon!
Resources and Articles

21 Pieces of Advice from the Most Successful Swimmers on the Planet

US Anti-Doping Agency- Pre-Competition Anti-Doping Checklist 


USADA Information to Pass on to Athletes, Parents and Staff
Thinking about purchasing a supplement online? Be cautious. The internet makes it very easy to distribute unsafe and illegal products.
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Be cautious of IV infusions received through home visits, urgent care offices, after-hours clinics, and boutique IV and rehydration services. They aren't considered hospital treatments under the WADA rules. Read more on the IV rule and this #cleansport :