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College Bound

College Bound

The Santa Clara Swim Club is very proud to be following the careers of swimmers who have graduated from our program and have in the past or are currently swimming for a variety of colleges and universities across the nation. *The information below is the most up to date records we currently have.  Please email us here if you have information that is missing or needs to be updated in regards to our college bound swimmers page.

Class of 2014

Name School Stroke Major
Catherine Ladd University of California - Berkeley Middle Distance Free and Backstroke  
Kimberly Ma Dartmouth University    IM and Butterfly  
Tim Kou     NYU Breaststroke and Sprint Free Business

Class of 2013

Name School Stroke Major
Christiana Bridges West Valley Distance Free  
Chris Scheaffer University of Texas Butterfly  
Elise Locke Washington State University Distance Free/Fly  
Czsarina Isleta Oregon State University Breast/IM  
Jackson Locke Air Force Academy Sprint Free  
Travis Kim UC Santa Barbara Fly  
Matt Webster UC San Diego Back  
Michael Nunan United States Naval Academy Mid-Distance Free  
Justin Lok Bellarmine University Free/Butterfly  
Andrew Packer UC Santa Barbara Distance Free  
Michi Aisawa Columbia University Butterfly  
Class of 2012      
Name School Stroke Major
Charlotte Ruby University of North Carolina Butterfly/Free  
Sam Shimomura Cal Berkeley Freestyle  
Ritty Zhai Columbia University Butterfly/Breast  
Howie Chang University of California San Diego Freestyle  
Michelle Berry San Jose State University IM/Freestyle  
Haley Oosterhouse University of California San Diego Freestyle  
Siri Eva Kristiansen Indiana University Breastroke/Freestyle  
Alex Kosaka US Naval Academy Fly/IM  
Ian Burns University of Arizona Freestyle/IM  
Rachelle Koch University of Chicago Breastroke  
Lucy Cheng Harvard    
Kate Yu Massuchusetts Institute of Technology Backstroke/Freestyle  
Katie Siegel Massuchusetts Institute of Technology Backstroke/Fly/Freestyle  
Annalee Akin Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Breaststroke  
Cole Heale University of California San Diego Freestyle  
Erik Engel DeAnza College Freestyle  
AJ Dumas West Valley College Freestyle  
Abby Blake Biola University Distance Freestyle  
Class of 2011      
Natalie Garland University of Santa Barbara Freestyle        Statistics
Kevin Owens University of Arizona Distance Freestyle  
Joe Wise Loyola University Freestyle/IM Business
Katharine Lee Fresno Pacific University Back/Sprint Freestyle Math/Applied Math
Jeff Peters Pacific Freestyle/Breaststroke/IM Sports Medicine
Haley Smith San Jose State University Backstorke/Fly Undeclared
Christian Bedell University of Santa Barbara Breastroke, Butterfly, IM Economics
Jackson Partin University of Virginia Freestyle  
Class of 2010      
Justine Tran University of San Diego    
Julia Hu Princeton University Butterfly, IM, Backstroke  
Emily Tompkins Cal Poly San Luis Obispo    
Alyssia Kim Cal Poly San Luis Obispo    
Victoria Owens Cal Poly San Luis Obispo    
Lauren Opatmy Georgetown University IM/Backstroke  
Arienne Clark Dartmouth University 2 yrs: Freestyle/Butterfly  
Mike London University of California Santa Barbara 2 years: Freestyle  
Grace Hamilton West Point Freestyle Undeclared
Daniel Tan Columbia University Freestyle Biology
Lindsey Oosterhouse University of California San Diego Freestyle/IM/Backstroke General Biology
Class of 2009      
Matt Hurko University of Arizona Backstroke/Fly Finance
Lajos Pelikan University of Arizona    
Christian Vu University of Rochester Freestyle/Backstroke  
Sean Fronczak Trinity University Backstroke/Medley  
Stephanie Wei Rice University Back/Freestyle  
Morgan Lee University of Cal Davis Breaststroke/Sprint Free Food Science & Tech
Maddie Takaki University of Hawaii Fly/Freestyle Nutrition
Julius Espiritu University of Cal San Diego Backstroke/Mid-Distance Psychology
Class of 2008      
Bryan Derico San Jose State University    
David Kuo University of Southern California    
Danielle Smith University of San Diego    
Stacey Wong Azusa Pacific Backstroke/IM Exercise Science
Ryan Hinshaw Indiana University - Bloomington Freestyle Business
Eric Owens University of California San Diego Backstroke/IM Communications
Class of 2007      
Courtney Monsees University of Georgia IM/Sprint Freestyle  
Taylor Smith University of Virginia Distance/Freestyle  
Taro Moberely Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Triathlon  
Brandt Robinson University of California Davis Sprint Freestyle  
Jamie Cisar University of California Santa Barbara Butterfly/Sprint Freestyle Graduate School
Class of 2006      
Jonny Muir University of Washington Butterfly/Freestyle Cisco/Water Polo Coach
Dominique Lazarovici University of Washington Backstroke  
Michael Guimarin Princeton University    
Fred Hwang Duke University   Graduate School
Amanda Mikaelsson San Jose State University    
Scott Jackson University of Arizona Backstroke  
Cory Vo San Francisco State    
Scott Wong University of Hawaii 2 years IM/Freestyle  
Alysia Meyer Cal Poly San Luis Obispo    
Travis Jepson University of California Santa Barbara Breastroke  
Class of 2005      
Bruno Mehech University of California Berkeley    
Walter Hessler Swarthmore College IM/Breaststroke  
Lillian Lam Swarthmore College Backstroke  
Eric Lynch Harvard University Distance Freestyle