September 2010

Swimmer of the Month

September - 2010



The September Swimmer of the Month for the Novice group is Celia Coletti.

Celia has been swimming in Novice since last spring, and it has been a joy getting to know her. Above all, Celia is a total sweetheart. I can always count on her sweet smile and hugs to brighten my day!

Celia also has a strong work ethic, and it is paying off in her swimming. Celia has made great strides in the time that she has been in Novice. She is developing a very smooth, efficient stroke and it is a blast to watch her progress.

In addition to her solid work ethic, Celia has also showed strength and courage by accepting the challenge of learning to dive off of the blocks- a great goal for sure! Celia is an awesome member of the Novice group.

Way to go, Ms. Coletti!

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The Junior Group Swimmer of the Month is Emme McNabb.

Emme has been working very hard on her technique and I absolutely admire her spirit. She is a great listener, and I really appreciate her ability to hear an explanation and then try her hardest to do exactly what is asked of her. We have been working a great deal on turns this month, and Emme’s are looking better and better…which is exciting as we head into the October Challenge. Listening, applying what is taught, and then doing it over and over again, even when your coach isn’t mentioning it…THAT is how you become a better swimmer!

Nice job Emme! Keep up the great work!

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The Pre Senior Swimmer of the Month for September is….. TWO swimmers!

Olivia Nielson and Morgan Hawley have started the season off with a very HYDRATED bang!!

I have asked all the Pre Senior and Junior swimmers to bring their water bottles to practice every day, and thus far, Olivia and Morgan’s water bottles have had perfect attendance!

Staying hydrated during practice helps the body function optimally by helping to prevent cramps, keep the blood oxygenated, it cushions and protects the joints and flushes toxins…among many other fantastic benefits. Both Olivia and Morgan have committed themselves to doing everything they can this season to be successful…and as small as it may seem, the water bottle represents the just ONE of the little things that add up to huge improvements over time!!

Way to go ladies!!



The Senior group Swimmer of the Month for September is Greta Gustafson. 

Greta has been on a mission this fall.  Her attendance has been outstanding and she has been one of the most consistent of all of the high school girls.

Greta has been working very hard and has been making huge improvements with her technique and fitness.  She has embraced the challenge of swimming events outside of her comfort zone with great success. 

Greta brings a fun and upbeat dynamic to the team.  She is always smiling, negotiating, and cracking jokes.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a very supportive family member to the others on our team.

Greta will continue to have great success, as she has been working hard, is a supportive teammate, and has fun.

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