2018 ATHLETE REGISTRATION APPLICATION - please contact your club for application form.  If no club affiliation please contact PNS Office for application form. 

  • 502.4.2 Athlete Membership consists of four categories:  A) Annual (referred to as year round) B) Outreach (proof of eligibility required) C) Individual Season (PN offers Season 1 - 9/1/17 to 1/31/18 and Season 2 - 4/1/18 to 8/28/18) D) Single Meet Open Water

Athlete Transfer Form can be found under FORMS / Club Forms dropdown box.


NOTE:  Officials print membership card via OTS and those registered as "other" may print using Deck Pass.  NO membership cards will be mailed from the PNS Office.

Mandatory Non-Athlete Membership Requirements:

  •  502.6.1  All non-athlete members of USA Swimming must have satisfactorily completed criminal background checks and athlete protection education as required by USA Swimming.
  •  305.4  Employees and volunteers of USA Swimming, LSCs and member clubs who interact directly and frequently with athletes as a regular part of their duties and individuals with any ownership interest in a   member club must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming and satisfactorily complete criminal   background checks as required by USA Swimming.  This does not apply to volunteers such as timers, marshals, computer operators, etc. who only have limited contact with athletes during a meet.

Background Check can be initiated prior to submitting your registration application.  PNS Office will receive auto-generated notice of successful completion of both Background Check and Athlete Protection Training.

·         INITIAL BACKGROUND CHECK valid for 2 years from last day of the month in which you initiated and is displayed on your membership card

·         RENEWING BACKGROUND CHECKvalid for 2 years from last day of month in which you initiated and is displayed on your membership card

On April 1, 2017 USA Swimming will transition from its current background check vendor, SterlingBackCheck, to its new partner, IntelliCorp Records.  This should not have a significant effect on the process by which members complete their background checks.  The process remains as follows:

  1. Members will initiate the background check through the USA Swimming website
    1. New members will select Option 1: New Member Background Check
    2. Renewing members will select Option 2: Renewal Background Check
  2. The member will be redirected to the IntelliRecords USA Swimming portal where they will be asked to (1) digitally sign a Disclosure, Authorization, and the USA Swimming Code of Conduct; (2) fill out their personal information and submit payment.
  3. The cost for all members the first time they complete a background check with Intellicorp is $38.  Subsequent renewal checks are $18.
  4. Results will be returned to the member via email within 7-14 business days.
  5. Results will be automatically updated in SWIMS to reflect the new BGC expiration date.

·        ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING valid for 2 years and is displayed on your membership card.

You can check your requirement expiration dates on DECK PASS, OTS or via USA Swimming entering name and DOB to find your record.

You must be in the database to ACCESS the course, so IF you have never been a member of USA Swimming you will receive an e-mail from the office when registration application form and fee have been received and processed that you may now ACCESS the course.