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Photo Gallery Access Request Form

Please complete the following form to access the web photo galleries of images of our swimmers taken by Mako parent and photographer Cathy Summers. You must provide your name, email address and a requested password to access Cathy's Mako Photos galleries.  Your email addres will be used as your login name, and Cathy will send updates when she has uploaded the images she takes at the swim meets.

The galleries are hosted on Cathy's web site, so that you can search through the hundreds of pictures she takes at meets to easily find your swimmer(s) by name or perhaps maybe just by age, gender or stroke. Cathy admits that even with the meet sheets, she can't always identify every swimmer in every image.

With the galleries in protected web pages on Cathy's web site, we're not able to use the same authentication database you use when logging into this site.

Cathy also provides a form on her web site that you can use if you do not want pictures of your swimmers to be included in her Makos Web galleries.

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