What Parents and Swimmers are Saying about TIBU 

“We have been a part of the Hydro-Sonic Tiburones  for nearly seven years.  All three of our daughters swam with the team at one time, but now only our youngest does.  Something that I really appreciate about the Tibu coaches is that they are invested in each swimmer the same, despite skill level.  The fastest swimmers aren't treated preferentially.  Jorge and Nathan have always been supportive and encouraging of my daughters and believe in their ability to improve and swim fast.  An added plus is that my daughter's best friends swim for Tibu!”

“I highly recommend swimming with the TIBU team for all swimmers. My son previously swam for another club and found that the lanes we're too crowded and the coaches overworked or dispassionate. At TIBU he has the room to swim with highly skilled coaches giving him frequent advice and encouragement. TIBU has a real sense of team unity among the swimmers and my son feels that he has "found" his team and place to swim. He will be a TIBU swimmer forever."

"Swimming is a huge part of my life and I don't know where I would be without it. My coaches have made me what and who I am. They showed me how to swim and they made it fun. Even though it sounds cheesy it's completely true. I love swimming and I love my coaches."...............I even love the coaches when they give me super super hard practices"😉


“One of the best things you can hear from your son is "I get it now".  There is nothing like having coaches that know my boys and spend the time to work on their own personal growth so they can "get it".  Not only do they work on technique, but having nutritionists come and speak to the kids provided the above and beyond that as a parent I appreciate.  Coach Jorge and Nathan genuinely care about our kids.  It's our swim family.”

"While I was initially hesitant to sign my son up for a winter team, being on Verde for the past two years has been an awesome experience for him.  Coach Nathan has instilled a real love of swimming in my son and his swimming has improved tremendously.  I especially like the intimate, family-like feel of the team.  Best of all, my son loves going to TIBU practice.  How many parents can say that?”

"Our children are getting more out of Jorge’s practices than they ever have on any other team/clinic and particularly appreciate the individualized corrections in their stroke. He pays a lot of attention to each child, which is really a breath of fresh air."

"All of the coaches with the Tiburones take the time to get to know each swimmer and work with that child’s learning style. Whether our child has needed a pep talk and encouragement, a technical stroke correction or even a reminder of his goals, the Tiburones staff seem to know the right motivational technique. We highly recommend this team and coach to anyone interested in improving their swimming and to having fun with a healthy, demanding sport."

"Nathan has a great understanding of the swimmer and a clear step-by-step method of teaching strokes, starts and turns. His caring attitude promotes a long, healthy and fun swimming career."


"The small team atmosphere, my teammates, and dynamic coaches are all reasons I love TIBU. I have witnessed coaches from other, larger teams communicating with their swimmers and, not knowing their names, whistling at them to get their attention. I appreciate the fact that the TIBU coaches know more about us than just our names."


"So in essence, I love the Hydro-Sonic Tiburones more than anything else in life, even more than Nutella (and if you know me, you know that is saying something). As you can tell in my writing style, I’m writing fairly informally and casually because you guys are a family to me. I am forever grateful for the last 9 years of my life with Tibu."


"A swimmer shares a responsibility to his teammates to promote one another's well being, and to support each other during hard times.  A swimmer, essentially, is a person who, every day, meets and works hard with his friends who don't go to his school.  Hydro-Sonic Tiburones fostered all of these qualities in its swimmers, but one thing TIBU does that other clubs do not is work to extend that bond to the coaches...At TIBU, all coaches are friendly and try their hardest to promote the well-being of their swimmers; not just to improve their best time, but also to make their swimmers a better person."


"As I said at the beginning, knowledge is all around us. And through TIBU, I’ve gained valuable knowledge from a source I would never have imagined. Through swimming, I learned to enjoy things even when they’re hard. I was never a great swimmer, but I loved it nonetheless. I learned that good work leads to trust and appreciation."

"Jorge has been a very positive and professional role model. He has helped [our child] gain self confidence as well as additional technical skills."