Coaches' Corner

Periodically, TIBU Head Coach Jorge Silva — along with other members of the coaching staff — will provide special notes of inspiration for all our swimmers. In some cases these ideas will be discussed more fully in workouts, while in others Jorge seeks to provide more detailed information on a key topic. Check back here regularly for the latest installment of TIBU's Coaches' Corner.

• Wednesday Wisdom

How often should my swimmer practice each week? — coaches recommendations. 

• 5 Reasons to Swim on a Small Club— recommended reading. 

Nutrition— Before, during and after a meet. 

• Be the One — Behind every great swimmer and every great performance, lie hours of hard work and dedication. Check out this link to see what a few elite swimmers are doing to make themselves better.

• Nutrition for Swimmers — USA Swimming has some great advice on how and what to eat if you want to be able to compete at your very best. This link covers some simple nutritional recommendations for ALL TIBU swimmers.

•  Reading a Set — When a coach gives swimmers a set, chances are there is meaning behind the set. This excellent article by former (1980) US Olympian Glenn Mills helps swimmers of all ages understand the goals of sets and how to make them work best.

• Nutrition for Swimmer for Meets — Part I (see above) of this USA Swimming series covered general nutrition for competitive swimmers. This article focuses on what to on meet days to ensure maximum performance.

August Break: training For older swimmers to help maintain some aerobic capacity.