Meet Entries




TIBU participates in selected meets within the Potomac Valley zone of the United States Swimming organization, known as USA Swimming. In order to enter these meets, a swimmer must become a member of USA Swimming’s Potomac Valley LSC. This registration is completed by the TIBU office, and each swimmer who joins the organization will receive a registration card directly from USA Swimming. 


Here are the steps that you need to take to compete:

1. For ADC, JD session 1 or 2 or partial season swimmers, notify the office that you would like to begin entering meets.  

2. Check the TIBU calendar to find meets that are suitable for you.  All of the meets listed on the TIBU calendar are sanctioned by Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS).  You can read complete meet announcements at the PVS website:  www.pvswim.org.  TIBU competes in approximately one meet per month for each age group.  Eight and under athletes usually swim separately in Mini-Meets, although some meets do include all age groups.   **Please note that TIBU does not compete in EVERY PVS meet, only the ones listed on the TIBU calendar!

3. Watch for emails that tell you it’s time to sign up for each meet.  When the meet entry file has been posted, swimmers/parents simply log into the TIBU website and sign themselves up.  Unlike in MCSL “A” meets, you sign yourself up to swim; the coach does not create the line-up.  Swimmers are encouraged to communicate with their coach with regards to selecting events.  The coaches will assume that any swimmer who is signed in as available is participating in the meet and the family will be responsible for entry fees (ADC,  JD and HSP).

** Coaches reserve the right to make changes to a swimmers events when they believe it to be in the swimmer's best interest or according to the coach's plan.

4. Make sure that you sign up by the TIBU deadline; this date is usually several days before the PVS deadline listed on the meet announcement.

5. When the coaches send out an email stating that the Meet Lineup has been posted, read the lineup carefully to be sure that you/your child has been entered in the correct events.  You are responsible for double-checking the correctness of your swimmer's events.

6. Watch your email for reminders/announcements/changes to meet information.

No-show policy: With the exception of illness, a swimmer who does not show up for a meet that he/she has been entered into, will be charged for the meet fees.