The Pirate's Code

Participating on a swim team is a sport – and yes, there is competition involved.  MESA has champion, record-setting swimmers.  We also have swimmers at every age level who have never been on a swim team before, and we have a wide variety of skills and abilities. Every swimmer will have new things to learn and new goals to achieve. Sportsmanship & Respect are core to who we are, and here’s our code:

  1. Don't impose your ambitions on your swimmer
  2. Be supportive and encouraging -- no matter what
  3. Say only positive things at swim meets
  4. Don't coach your child, let the COACH do that
  5. Have respect for your child's coach and their experience
  6. Don't talk about the "big meet" or results or place
  7. Respect officials, timers, stroke judges, and all volunteers
  8. Have set goals before each meet… besides winning
  9. Congratulate your child for simply swimming!
  10. Don't take this too seriously (It’s summer and it’s FUN!). 

To maintain the high level of spirit and quality within MESA Swim Team, each family must follow the guidelines below.  By electronically signing this Participation Contract, swimmers and parents have read, understood, and agreed to the participation requirements of MESA Swim Team.

Family — Swimmer and Parent Responsibilities

  1. Follow the Pirate’s Code
  2. Demonstrate exceptional sportsmanship — our goal is for MESA swimmers and parents to be known around BVSSL as a “class act” — a group of people that are hard working and competitive, yet fun to have as a visiting team.  Cheer for your team, but don’t interfere with Coaches or Officials.  Congratulate your fellow swimmers with a handshake and “nice swim”.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Follow the Parent Volunteering requirements
  2. Expect to have meet assignments for the season.
  3. If your swimmer will miss a dual meet due to vacation or other obligation, email his/her coach as soon as possible to inform them of your swimmer’s absence(s).
  4. Read the Family Handbook
  5. Read the BVSSL Parent Code of Conduct. 
  6. Direct Coach feedback, criticism, or issues through the Parent-Coach Liaison
  7. The City of Boulder has instituted strict rules regarding the use of their pools. At no time is food allowed in the pool areas. Only sport drinks are permitted. 

Swimmer Responsibilities

  1. Attend practices regularly and let your coach know if you are going to miss a week or more of practice due to vacation. Also let coaches know if you will miss any dual meet due to vacation or other obligation.
  2. Be respectful of our Coaches, and our facilities — including practice, home, and away pools.  A swimmer who vandalizes, deliberately damages, or steals property will be removed from the team for the season and will be responsible for restitution.
  3. Keep pool, locker, and team tent clean.  Remove trash, return equipment to the proper storage areas, and keep locker rooms clean/dry. Mesa rents pool space from CU and The City of Boulder. We are guests of the their facilities and must obey their rules.
  4. We are not permitted to use the facility hot tubs or other pools unless you are a member or have a daily punch pass to these facilities. Life guards may ask you to leave the vicinity if using when not permitted.
  5. Do not disrupt practice — disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to:
    - Failure to follow a coach’s request (to warm-up, to start a set, to listen, to stop a particular behavior, etc.)
    - Splashing, dunking, pushing, pulling of other swimmers
    - Stopping the flow of a lane’s work out. Disrespect to fellow teammates or coaches
    - Horseplay in the locker room
    - Bullying
    - If a swimmer is removed from practice or a meet, the Coach will inform the parents of the swimmer and our Parent-Coach Liaison of the circumstances.  
  6. Smoking or use of any tobacco product within our practice/home, away meet facilities or at any MESA sponsored social event is expressly prohibited. This includes vaping devices of any kind. The use of any such product could result in the entire team losing our rights to use these facilities.
  7. Kids in older age groups are expected to be team leaders at all MESA events.  Alcohol and drugs are not tolerated by swimmer(s) and their use will result in the swimmer(s) removal from the team.