Equipment & Clothing

What your swimmer will need:

  • Practice suit – one-piece (no swim/board shorts, no two-piece) – many of our swimmers wear suits from previous seasons or have a basic swim suit.  No competition suits at practices, please.
  • Competition suit – “official” MESA swim suit (usually switched out every other year) – it’s optional, but highly recommended, both to have a great suit for meets, but also for team spirit.  Competition suits are ordered at the Spring Meeting (held in mid-April prior to the season).  Crazy enough to contribute to the equipment arms race in swimming?  Just like the Olympics, BVSSL doesn’t allow advanced technology swim suits.  Some swimmers do use Speedo “Aquablade” technology suits for league championships.  See the swimsuit rules at
  • Goggles – have at least 2 pairs at the ready, and make sure both pairs have been pre-fit to your swimmer.  Most swimmers get by with 1 pair, but, let’s face it, they’re kids and who knows when that back-up will be needed (usually 30 seconds prior to the heat starting!).  Some swimmers have both indoor and outdoor goggles (with a mirrored finish, darker tint to reduce glare at outdoor meets).
  • Swim Cap – like goggles, have a spare at the ready.  Pretty much all of the girls, and most of the boys, wear swim caps.  There is a team pirate cap available.
  • Practice Fins – swimmers age 11 and older should have practice fins
  • Towels – as much as many of our swimmers try to avoid getting wet at practice and meets, it eventually happens to everyone.  Break out the Sharpie and get the names on the towels.  Our lost and found typically builds up a nice supply by the end of the season.

Shop where you want, but we recommend our Team Supplier:  Colorado Swim Shop:

Colorado Swim Shop
2525 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit C4 [near McGuckins]
Boulder, CO  80302
(303) 545-2090
[email protected]

What you and your swimmer might want:

  • Swag!  Each year we have the opportunity to order t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, swim bags, swim caps, baseball caps, etc.  Watch for information on ordering information – order online and have it shipped directly to your home.  Get your order in on time to ensure you can rock the MESA spirit at the meets!

    MESA SWIM TEAM "FLASH" STORE - Online ordering system coming soon!