Swim Meet Jobs

Swim Meet Jobs

Quick description of meet jobs (jobs great for new families / meet rookies are market with *):

  • Announcer (2 per meet:  1 each half) – like walking around with a megaphone?  This is your job!  The Announcer roams the outside of the pool area, announcing what events are “heating” and other general information.  Great way to get fresh air and learn who’s on the team and where they hang out!
  • Coaches Cooler (1 per meet) – Doesn’t actually work the meet, so maybe be nice and sign up for an actual meet job in addition to this!  Provides a cooler or two stocked with healthy snacks and drinks for our hard-working, zero time off during the meet Coaches.
  • *Concessions (4 per meet:  2 each half) – Works our concession stand during the meet outside on the patio – a nice extra money-maker for the team.  Don’t worry, you can duck into the pool area to watch your kids swim their events.  Lots of fun, and those breakfast sandwiches are crazy good.
  • Concessions – Grill Specialist (4 per meet:  2 each half) – Ensures meat for the meet, providing breakfast sandwiches, burgers, and other critical protein.  Not getting enough grill time on your deck this summer?  Join the crew.
  • Concessions – Lead (4 per meet:  2 each half).  Master and Commander.  Continue the beatings until morale improves.  Typically a couple, the Leads make sure we have food stocked for the meet, and breaks down the stand at the end of the meet.
  • Floater (2 per meet:  1 each half) – Jack of All Trades.  Fills in for missing jobs, helps run and collect time cards for 25-yard events.  The Meet Coordinator’s first mate.
  • Heating (4 per meet:  2 each half) – The toughest job you’ll ever love.  Runs the Heating Tent – by far the most critical role in moving the meet along.  While an event is swimming in the pool, and the next event is ready behind the starting blocks, the Heating Tent stacks up the next 3 or 4 events, organized in chairs corresponding to lane assignments.  As soon as you hear the starting horn, send the next event/heat into the pool area to be ready for the next event.  Lots of work, but lots of fun – you’ll get to know all the kids on the team.
  • *Locker Room Checker (2 per meet:  1 for the Boys and 1 for the Girls) – Checks locker rooms every 15-20 minutes.  Keeps the funny business out of the locker rooms.  Scares swimmers out and back to the team tent.  Misbehavior should be reported to the Coaches immediately.
  • *Lost and Found (1 per meet) – Generally applies to stuff rather than swimmers, but who knows?  Somehow coordinates collection of lost belongings from the practice pools and meets.  Likely needs a semi-truck with trailer by the end of the season.  Upside is you’ll never need to buy goggles again.
  • Pictures (2 per meet:  1 each half) – Takes photographs of the team, collects during the season, and helps produce end-of-season slide show.
  • *Meet/Pool Clean-Up (4 per meet) – Only a half-hour job at the end of the meet (typically 12:30-1:00 p.m.), but pays back the short time in sweat equity.  Report to the scoring table during the last event (the Freestyle Relays), and prepare to follow the Meet Coordinator’s orders to the letter.
  • Meet/Pool Set-Up (3 per meet) – Works from 6:30-7:15 a.m. helping set up the meet – setting up the team tent, the heating area and chairs, scoring tables and chairs, etc.  Report to the meet volunteer check-in desk and get going!
  • Scoring (a team of 12, typically the same crew for the whole summer) – great for those who have blended a love of technology with their OCD.  Under the direction of the Head Scorer, configures the meet (home and away entries), preps the event/heat schedule, enters the results, provides regular updates to the dual meet score, and posts the event results during and after the meet.  The special forces of our volunteer crew, and typically the crew selects its own members.  Work your way on to the team through the other scoring jobs…
  • Scoring – Averaging (4 per meet:  2 each half) – takes the raw time data provided by the timers and averages it to establish the official times (WARNING:  addition and division skills required!)
  • *Scoring – Ribbons (4 per meet:  2 each half) – places results stickers on individual place ribbons, and organizes for coaches and parents to distribute at practices
  • *Scoring – Runner (2 per meet:  1 each half) – gathers event/heat result sheets (or “pink and blue cards”) from the Timers and delivers to the Scoring Table.  Great shoes and attitude required.
  • Starter (2 per meet, 1 each half) – second only to Heating in ability to get the meet finished quickly.  Announces each Event/Heat/Distance, ensures Stoke Judges and Timers are ready, says “Swimmers Take Your Mark!” and presses the little red button.  Being a Starter is like running an airline – planes don’t make money if they’re sitting empty on the ground, and meets don’t get done quickly if there are no swimmers in the pool.
  • Stroke Judge (4 per meet:  2 per half) – officials for the meet, ensuring rules for each stroke are being adhered to in the pool, disqualifying swimmers who fail to meet the requirements of the stroke.  Separate pre-season training is required for this job, along with previous swimming experience.
  • *Team Tent (3 per meet:  2 at set-up, 1 at clean-up) – helps set up the Team Tent – our big red & white striped circus tent (that may actually date back to the original Ringling Bros. version).  Total pain in the neck, but the kids love it, and we can pretty much cram the whole team under the tent.  It’s where the pre-meet team meeting is held, where the events/heats/lane assignments are posted, and where the Coaches go to find and talk to swimmers.  Imagine 100+ kids having a sleep over in your living room – that’s what it looks like when it’s in business.
  • *Timers (24 per meet, 12 per half, 2 per lane per half) – Confirms swimmer is in the correct event/heat, times the event from the starting horn to the finishing touch, and records the times.  Must be able to operate a stop watch, operate a pencil, and be able to communicate with other human beings.  Great way to “get your feet wet” and watch the meet!
  • Timing Coordinator (1 per meet) – ensures all timers are at their stations, with clipboards, stopwatches, and pencils.  Starts a couple of extra stopwatches each event in case one of the Timers doesn’t get theirs started or some other error occurs.  Works with the Starter to conduct the Timers meetings (one around 7:45 a.m. before the meet, and one during events 41-44 before the 2nd half of the meet).  Helps the Starter keep track of events/heats and any mid-meet schedule changes (combing heats, etc.).
  • Volunteer Sign-In (1 per meet) – checks all families into the meet prior to the start, handing out nametags and checking off job assignments, working with the Meet Coordinator to make sure all volunteers have signed in and are aware of their jobs and start/end times.  Typically gets going around 6:30 a.m. and is finished around 8:30 a.m.  A great job that gets you to the meet early to get a great parking spot!