Swimmer Eligibility

MESA Swim Team participates in the Boulder Valley Summer Swim League.  The BVSSL sets the swimmer eligibility rules.  If you have questions about your swimmer's eligibility to swim in BVSSL, please email our Registrar.

BVSSL Eligibility Rules:

  1. Registration. To represent a team in a dual meet, a swimmer must be registered in writing or be on that team's roster and met the team's financial obligations. A swimmer may represent only one team in the BVSSL in any one season. Once a swimmer competes in one dual meet, team membership is determined for that swim season.
  2. Age Divisions. There are ten divisions, five each for boys and girls, as follows: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18. The age for each swimmer is determined for the season by the age of the swimmer on May 15th of that swim season. A swimmer may not swim in a younger age group than their age. Furthermore, a swimmer's age group is determined by the age group he or she swims for points during their first dual meet.

  3. Championship Meet. A swimmer must compete in two (2) dual meets to be eligible to compete in the championships.

  4. Eligibility. Swimmers may work out on their own at any time during the year. A swimmer may swim with a year round team and compete in meets from the end of BVSSL season through October 31st of that same year. From November 1 through the end of BVSSL season, unrestricted coached swimming is allowed three days per week but competing with teams outside of BVSSL teams is not permitted. The only exception is that school swimmers may swim and compete with their school team during the regular high school swim season without restriction. Swimmers may also participate in other water sports. A swimmer who competes in swimming at college after October 31 (as a club or team sport) is not eligible to return and swim in the BVSSL. Violations of this section will cause a swimmer to be ineligible to compete (other than as exhibition) in BVSSL the following summer.