Job Descriptions

Parent/Adult Volunteer Job Descriptions


The Braddock Heights Swim Team and the Frederick Summer Swim League are completely reliant on volunteer support.  We would not be able to have our team and weekly meets without the time and effort provided by our families!  As such, we ask that each family who has a swimmer on the Braddock Heights swim team volunteer a minimum of 6 volunteer jobs throughout the season.  See our job sign-up for available positions. You must be logged into your account to see and sign up for volunteer jobs.


AVAILABLE MEET VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.  Below is a brief description of each position and the requirements for each meet.


Clerk of Course (need 2 per each ½ meet) – Alerts and helps gather swimmers to line up for their upcoming events. 

Ribbon Writer (need 1 per each ½ meet) – works in the pool house transferring the printed computer results stickers to the various colored placement ribbons.  Completed ribbons are placed in the respective swimmer’s folder.

Runner - aka Results Collector (home meets only -1 per ½ meet) – walks (not runs) between the scorer desk and the timers (lane lines) to collect the lane results forms.  The Scorer in the pool house then uses the results forms to determine the swimmers official time.  

Scorer (need 1 per each ½ meet) – works in the pool house verifying the times from the lane results sheets into the computer.

Timer (need 9 per each ½ meet) – stands at the end of each lane and uses team provided stopwatch to track swimmer start/stop time in each event.  One Timer per lane records the time from each Timer.

Stroke and Turn judge (need 2 per each ½ meet) – MUST ATTEND PRE-SEASON TRAINING EACH YEAR.  League trained volunteer observes swim lanes and determines if swimmer is disqualified for illegal strokes, turns, or touches.