Sanctioned Meets

Sanctioned Meets


What is a sanctioned meet?

  • An additional meet hosted by a Midlakes club using all of the standard criteria of a regular meet including timers, officials and Hytek scoring.
  • The meet counts as one of the two mandatory meets required to qualify swimmers for participation in Division and League Championships
  • Official records can be set (you must submit a completed League Record Reporting Form)

Why host a sanctioned meet?

  • Additional meets provide more opportunities for swimmers to compete
  • Provide added opportunities for swimmers to meet the minimum requirements to qualify for Championship meets
  • Provide more opportunities to set records

How does a club get approval for a sanctioned meet?

  • Contact your Division Rep via email
  • Include the details of your meet including date, time and location.
  • Provide detailed documentation of the meet.  Some things to include:
    • Location
    • Hours
    • Costs
    • Participants
    • Entry criteria
    • Volunteer responsibilities
    • Events
    • Additional forms
  • The documentation should be in a format that can be posted on the website.  Here are some examples from previous seasons:
  • All requests must be submitted prior to the first meet of the season.

What happens after submitting a request to host a sanctioned meet?

  • The Division Rep will present the information to the League Board for approval
  • The Division Rep will respond to you via email with the outcome
  • If approved, the Division Rep will forward the submitted documentation to the Communication Director
  • The Communication Director will post the information on the website as an event and add it to the Scoreboard.  Remember to send the results to the Communication Director or email to [email protected].